HOGs Win Platinum Credentials for US Green Building Founder

LEED scoring is increasingly an important part of building development, with green buildings consistently showing higher rents and some cities including San Francisco and Chicago requiring a minimum LEED rating for new construction. Rainwater HOG tanks contribute at least twice the LEED points of conventional water tanks and played a multi-tasking role, contributing more than 7 LEED points to the groundbreaking LEED Platinum home remodel by David Gottfried, founder of the US Green Building Council.

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – Rainwater HOG storage tanks use their small footprint for a giant impact on LEED and green building point scoring. HOG has won more than four industry awards, a feat unparalled by any other water storage device, and was named one of 2008's Top 10 Green Building Products by Sustainable Industries.

Used by Greenpeace in London for garden irrigation, and by Australia's City of Sydney for drinking water storage at their portable LiveGreen demonstration house, HOG was recently part of a home remodel by US Green Building founder David Gottfried which has now been awarded LEED Platinum status, a new feat for a domestic remodel.

HOGs were used by Gottfried not only for rainwater irrigation but also for rainwater reuse within the home flushing the family toilet, and for post-filtered greywater storage with the bathwater captured, filtered and stored in HOGs for sub-surface irrigation use.
Under the LEED system HOGs contribute points not only in two water management categories but also in the Innovative Design category, for a contributory total unmatched by other water tanks and cisterns.
As the only water storage tank actively designed for reuse, with threaded reusable connections, and one of the only US water storage systems with a robust 1/4 inch wall thickness, HOG is the LEED designer's choice for highest contributory points and has so far been used on two LEED Platinum homes and a host of LEED Gold buildings throughout the USA.

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