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Pharmacy technician is one such blissful profession in the pharmacy world and this website is offering ultimate guidance to the aspirants who dream to become pharmacy technicians. Jason Holmes designed this website to share his pharmacy knowledge with students.

Online PR News – 21-May-2012 – Austin, Texas –, a well designed website, offers expert and accurate information about the pharmacy technician career. With booming health care industry, many career opportunities have emerged in this field. The website offers a one-stop source for all the information required by a pharmacy technician career aspirant.

Remarking about the utility of the website, many of the aspirants asked, “Is there a stable career option which is rewarding yet satisfying in this era of economic recession? “ The answer, according to, is absolutely yes, as there are plenty of job openings, great professions and handsome salaries waiting in the Pharmacy technician field. A sneak peak on the information provided at will prove highly beneficial and set great careers ahead of all the pharmacy technicians. This is considered as a recession proof career in the healthcare sector and its allied branches always in demand. The site endeavors to provide visitors with accurate and viable information.

"I kept you just a single click away to land at one stop source solution for How to become a pharmacy technician as from step 1 to step 10, and all information is dedicated for aspiring and pursuing pharmacy tech candidates. The role and duties of a pharmacy technician have to be quite responsible as they are the people who are answerable for the medicine being given to the person as per the prescription. They check the prescriptions and even can suggest the doctor for any changes if needed," said James Holmes, site designer for

The work of a pharmacy technician is that they have to work in extraordinary ways to break into the healthcare field. The work environment is quite challenging but pleasant, because the pharmacy technicians often have to work in the retail pharmacies like those found in grocery stores and the drugstore chains.

In the beginning of my pharmacy career, I thought that job in the pharmacy industry is really a tough task. I found very tough to manage all the duties indulged in this job profile. In addition to it, the salary structure was no so satisfactory. Once spending couple of years in this field, I enjoyed a great hike in the salary and found many new interesting job tasks.

"Further addition to my experiences, I just say that my website has captured all the dilemmas associated with pharmacy technicians. Many aspirants would like to know how rewarding this career is, how the salaries are and can pharmacy technicians succeed in the long run. I just enjoy being the reliable source with the latest and accurate information on pharmacy technicians and various universities, online schools," continued Holmes.

"I sincerely suggest on the website that like any other profession, this too requires formal training and certification as it will help in finding better employment with better salary. Pharmacy technicians working in the doctor’s chamber and private hospitals earn good but the salary increases if one has on paper better certification degree in the same from renowned Pharmacy Technician Schools. Many colleges are offering formal training as visitors on the site will find pharmacy technician schools for offline and online pharmacy technician training to be the best pharmacy technician," Holmes advised.

Journey of pharmacy technicians begins:

Pharmacy technicians have to make a wise decision first by choosing a school for themselves, which not only imparts theoretical knowledge but in depth practical knowledge too. There are accredited schools for pharmacy technicians who have certain preliminary tests which decide the candidate's admission in the college or not. There are many weekend and night school colleges for pharmacy technicians. In case the candidate is busy and cannot attend complete college, then the online pharmacy technician courses are even available. All these courses can be taken from the comfort of the home and earn the degree to start working as a pharmacy technician and get paid well too after owning some experience. The courses are not costly but certification will boost the resume as it’s the approval of skills and capabilities.

Salary of pharmacy technicians:

The website even provides the latest information and statistics on the salary figures. A pharmacy technician after the course initially can start working for experience for less. Later after the experience, all can gain knowledge and then start working in better hospitals for higher salaries going up to $50k+. The salary increases as per experience and job location also. Bigger cities have higher salaries and small towns will have less.

A pharmacy technician career as per Holmes' career knowledge and website does not require high and formal medical training. A person before choosing and serving as a pharmacy technician must be prepared to fulfill all the responsibilities this field brings along with it. Pharmacy technicians are in great demand if they understand the work profile and save an urge to serve mankind. A profession as a pharmacy technician is very rewarding which fetches great returns in the long run if the initial years are spent more into learning and working under the experts.

"One can always rely on this source and I will be glad to offer solutions for all the information related to pharmacy technician. This is a one stop destination for all the procedures, eligibility, courses, schools a pharmacy technician needs and must choose as per convenience. I guide you the best," concluded Holmes., a well designed website, provides well researched and authentic information about the pharmacy technician career. Site designer Jason Holmes is an experienced pharmacy technician professional and has helped more than 500 students in choosing the best pharmacy technician schools in their region or city.

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