SmartLabs Announces Launch of Rostelecomīs End-to-End Interactive TV Service

SmartLabs, a leader in the development of solutions for interactive digital television, advanced client applications, user interfaces and next generation set-top boxes, today announced successful launch of an end-to-end Interactive TV service in Rostelecom.

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – Moscow, Russia – Subscribers of the new Interactive TV service will access the service from their set-top boxes connected to the Rostelecomīs network, from their Web-enabed PCs and, in the future, from Apple iPad apps.

SmartLabsī SmartTUBE SDP Service Delivery Platform is at the core of the new Rostelecomīs cloud solution for Interactive TV services. This platform provisions the services, manages subscribers, integrates Rostelecomīs billing systems with all the partner cloud components, and enables creation and development of the STB user interface and video playback on PCs. Also, a key solution component is the Smartabsī SmartMEDIA content distribution platform that provides for publishing, storing, recording and distributing of video content throughout Russia, particularly, enabling the On-Demand services including Pause Live TV, Time Shift TV, video recording and more.

Also, the end-to-end solution installed at Rostelecom includes DRM systems based on Verimatrix and Google Widevine, SmartSPY - a system for collecting, storing and analyzing statistics, and set-top boxes made by SmartLabs or third-party manufacturers. The operator is using four different types of set-top boxes, including SmartLabs SML-282 Base STBs. All the STBs, without any exception, run SmartLabsī SmartTUBE UI software.

The cloud platform consists of the head-end located in Moscow, 7 macro-regional and 77 regional nodes delivering content to all the Rostelecomīs Interactive TV customers.

By connecting to the Rostelecomīs uniform IPTV service, the subscribers gain access to a wide variety of state-of-the-art interactive media entertainment services, i.e. terrestrial digital television, Video on Demand (VoD), Time Shift TV, Pause Live TV, media portal, social networks and OTT services. A special gift has been prepared for the owners of iPad devices: on their tablets, they can enjoy the same services available on TVs with set-top boxes.

"With the end-to-end Interactive TV service from Rostelecom, all Russian people will rediscover the world of interactive television. Such a service is unprecedented in Russia," says Mikhail Grachev, SmartLabs CEO. "On our part, we have put every effort to create a solution that allows the operator to effectively market and deliver content so that the subscribers quickly and easily purchase the content and enjoy all the operatorīs interactive services. Moreover, we are developing a cloud platform meeting Rostelecomīs approved plans. We believe that the cloud platform will deliver many new services and nice features to Rostelecomīs subscribers".

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Rostelecom ( is the Russian national telecommunications company, which is the largest telecom company in Russia. The company got this status in April 2011, when the CenterTelecom, North-West Telecom, South Telecom Company, Volga Telecom, Ural Telecom, Siberia Telecom, Far East Telecom and Dagsvyazinform interregional communications companies were merged with the Rostelecom national long-distance communications company.

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