Patent Assistance Worldwide Brings Clarity To Confusing Patent Laws

As more and more tech experts call for patent law reform, a company called Patent Assistance Worldwide is helping inventors defend their intellectual property rights.

Online PR News – 01-June-2012 – Miami, Florida – On the surface, the purpose of patents seems fairly simple and straightforward. Patents exist to help inventors protect their intellectual property from being stolen, while also allowing them to make money from their brilliant ideas. In reality, however, patent law is anything but simple or straightforward. Recently PC Magazine noted that leading tech companies, including Facebook and AOL, are buying and selling patents like children “trading snacks in the cafeteria.” As more and more industry professionals become disenfranchised with the current state of patent law, and even call for patent law reform, a company called Patent Assistance Worldwide is simply focusing on helping inventors navigate the complex legal channels they need to in order to protect their intellectual property.

Mark Fallows, a spokesman for Patent Assistance Worldwide, says in a press statement that things have gotten bad for patent-holders, but inventors do not necessarily need to be concerned. "The bad news is that it is increasingly difficult to make sense of what is going on in the world of technology patents, both because of circuitous laws and because of the unpredictable behavior of major tech companies," says Fallows. "On the plus side, it is still very possible for inventors to have their ideas protected, and ultimately to make money off those ideas. All it takes is the right legal help."

That legal help is often expensive, however, as patent attorneys are notorious for charging high fees. That is why more and more inventors are turning to Patent Assistance Worldwide. As Fallows puts it, the company is not a legal firm—but it may be something even better.

"Patent Assistance Worldwide is not a law office, but we do have access to an incredible network of top patent attorneys,” Fallows confirms. He goes on to say that the company is a sort of clearinghouse of patent-related services, including legal services. “We can put inventors in touch with some of the best patent lawyers out there, and we can often do so for a much lower rate than what these inventors would get all on their own. That's what makes Patent Assistance Worldwide such an invaluable service for those seeking to preserve their intellectual property rights."

But the Patent Assistance Worldwide clearinghouse is not just about preserving an inventor's rights. The company is also zealous for helping the inventor make money. The services the company offers are diverse, then. "We offer much more than just access to lawyers," says Fallows. "Patent Assistance Worldwide can also get inventors in touch with researchers, illustrators, and more." Fallows goes on to say that the company can provide connections to top patent marketing professionals, helping inventors monetize their bright ideas as effectively as possible.

Patent Assistance Worldwide is a clearinghouse of services geared toward inventors seeking to protect or market their intellectual property. The company places clients in touch with professional illustrators, patent researchers, and patent attorneys, and typically offers inventors more affordable rates than traditional legal firms can offer. More information about Patent Assistance Worldwide can be found at

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