Esscentual Alchemy Announces The Launch Of New Eau de Parfum Spray - A Natural Perfume Made Light

Esscentual Alchemy announces the launch of its Eau de Parfum Spray. The Spray is less concentrated than the Natural Perfume, providing a light, portable fragrance alternative for summer. It will be included in Press Bags at GBK’s Luxury Gift Lounge for the MTV Movie Awards.

Online PR News – 31-May-2012 – Ames, Iowa – Esscentual Alchemy ( is announcing the introduction of a new Eau de Parfum Spray, just in time for the warmer weather and GBK's Celebrity Gift Lounge honoring the MTV Movie Awards Nominees and Presenters, where it will be in the Press Bags. The Eau de Parfum Spray is less concentrated than the original Natural Perfume, and offers a light, portable fragrance alternative for summer. Each Eau de Parfum Spray comes in a 5ml bottle and costs $22.00. There are 10 distinctive scents, including Orange Cream, Carry My Heart, Sax and Violets and Little Black Dress.

"I decided to develop the Eau de Parfum Spray as an alternative for my customers who enjoy the Natural Perfume but want a second option for summer," said owner Amanda Feeley. "While the Natural Perfume has the highest concentration of aromatic compound, it is a bit heavy for warmer weather, plus many of my customers enjoy the convenience and cooling effect of a spray fragrance in the summer. Customers will also find that the Eau de Parfum Spray puts a different twist on their favorite scent by focusing on the middle notes or heart of the perfume; basically, it gives them the opportunity to have the same fragrance, two ways." As an added benefit, the lower concentration of essential oils in the Spray makes it more affordable year round.

"The Eau de Parfum Sprays put a twist on my classic Natural Perfumes; it's an opportunity to have your favorite scent two ways."

Esscentual Alchemy natural perfumes are described as complex and emotive. The company’s fragrances are in the hands of Ryan Gosling ("Lumberjack Man"), Camryn Manheim ("Autumn Spice") and Drew Barrymore ("Blushing Beauty"). Feeley is including two scents, "Sax and Violets" and "Bennacht," in the Press Bags at GBK's Luxury Gift Lounge Honoring the MTV Movie Awards Nominees and Presenters on June 1 and 2. Feeley describes "Sax and Violets," a complex and luxurious dark green unisex fragrance, as woody and aromatic, with sweet, noir notes. "Bennacht," which means Blessing or Benediction in Old Irish, is a light, crisp floral. "I wanted to pick two opposing olfactory concepts for the press to enjoy," commented Feeley.

In addition to its Natural Perfume and Eau de Parfum Spray, Esscentual Alchemy carries solid perfumes, aromatherapy oil, perfume oil, eau de cologne for men and a bespoke natural perfume that is custom created in a process that takes about four weeks. Feeley creates each scent by hand in small batches using only the highest quality materials with no synthetics, chemicals or preservatives. "The natural aspect is very important to my customers, who are quite eco-conscious. My personal philosophy is that we should be aware of what we ingest into our bodies, whether we are eating it or using a substance," noted Feeley. "The skin is our largest organ, and it’s frightening how many chemicals we dump on it during the course of a day, especially women."

Feeley is a classically trained musician and finds inspiration in the parallels between making music and making perfume. She creates her natural scents in a process that calls on her skills in both areas. "I am," she says, "composing music for your nose."

Esscentual Alchemy products are available at and are carried at Artisan Peace Stores (

For more information about Esscentual Alchemy, visit or contact Amanda Feeley at 515.233.1468.

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Esscentual Alchemy ( is the brainchild of owner Amanda Feeley, a classically trained musician who is driven to create handcrafted all natural perfumes that are compelling, luxurious and memory-making.

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