Dominate® the impulse to look good

Australasia Number 1* Youth Styling Brand Dominate® which contains natural ingredients from New Zealand for best hair care and style now in Singapore

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – Singapore/Singapore – [Singapore, June 2012] The winning look for 2012, according to GQ Australia and, is shorter sides with a longer fringe held up to look dry and matte. Bieber cuts and long styles should be left in 2010.

According to a survey^ conducted in Singapore in 2011, male respondents in their 20s and 30s reinforced the idea that grooming is no longer for special occasions or about impressing others. It is a part of daily life.

Believe it or not, total time spent grooming was found to be almost 20 minutes for the Singaporean men surveyed. 74% of the respondents agreed that “Grooming must deliver results”.
Now, there’s a new and affordable salon-quality brand that males in Singapore can add to their grooming arsenal. Latest in the men’s toiletries market is the number 1 youth hairstyling brand in Australia and New Zealand – Dominate®.

Combining new technical holding polymer technology and organic New Zealand ingredients such as New Zealand Organic Halloysite Clay (Kaolin) for strong support and hair strengthening; New Zealand Organic Beeswax for best conditioning; and New Zealand Lanolin for gentle protection for dry, weak hair, Dominate® provides optimal style support for modern head turning looks while conditioning the hair and scalp naturally.

Dominate® comes in 3 different variants, and makes styling a breeze without the need for extra styling aids or unnecessary touch ups:

Out of Bed
•Strong hold which lasts all day for modern, creative styles.
•Easy use formulation yet washes out easily.
•Organic Halloysite clay strengthens the hair cuticle.
•Dry look, with minimal shine due to the Halloysite Clay.
•Perfect for matte and grungy bad boy looks. New Zealand Organic Halloysite Clay (Kaolin)
•Strengthens the hair.
•Strong style support for modern looks

•Extreme hold that sets hard.
•Easy use formulation yet washes out quickly.
•Medium drying time formulation, allowing extra time for easy styling and creating before drying.
•Suitable for medium to longer hair for old-school looks. •Medium Shine.
•Stiff and extreme looks, even ultimate spikes are easily achievable.
New Zealand Organic Beeswax
•Organic Beeswax coats and conditions the hair shaft, gives a protective coating against the elements and supports holding power.

•Allows for touch ups and re-working of styles throughout the day.
•The thicker formulation helps to add hold to the style through all day.
•Works best with shorter hair styles.
•Firmer formulation provides flawless style and support.
•Lasts all day long for worry free hassle.
•Low shine.
•Natural finish for flexible styling.
•Medium Hold New Zealand Lanolin
•Conditions and soothes both hair and scalp.
•Protects dry and weak hair.
•Comfortable, non- greasy feel.

Dominate hair styling products are available in NTUC and Cold Storage and retail at S$9.99 for a 85g size tub.

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About Dominate®
Dominate® makes it their job to understand what’s coming up and delivering the right products to supermarkets to keep them in the game. Dominate® started out in the back of a barber’s shop making a top quality hair product affordable for everyday use. They believe in applying old fashioned natural principles, a traditional beeswax base and a bit of innovation to come up with the original Dominate® Waxx by using nothing but a converted washing machine drum and a wooden spoon borrowed from the café next door. Today, Dominate® has established itself as a brand in the forefront of category innovation for the ‘Premium Mass Styling Category”.

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