New Digital Police Scanners Allow Concerned Citizens to Stay Informed Like Never Before

Online retailer Bearcat Warehouse is pleased to announce a new line of digital police scanners, designed to let the average citizen listen to public information and inform themselves without being exposed to media bias.

Online PR News – 04-June-2012 – Clarksville, MD – As the presidential election approaches, more people are growing tired of consuming media from the major outlets. Each of the major news networks has been accused of having a particular bias, whether it be liberal or conservative. People who are tired of hearing news delivered with a side of opinion are circumventing the whole system and going right to the source. Worse, as more media outlets become part of a corporate chain, local and community news is becoming harder to get than ever. Though the global community is becoming more connected, the world is becoming more removed from the people in their local areas, the ones who are physically closest. Ironically, finding information about what is happening right in the local area can be more difficult than finding news about another country halfway across the world.

Digital police scanners allow anyone to listen to what is happening in his or her local area. Though police scanners and CB radios were once very popular, they went out of fashion due to the difficulty of operation and poor sound quality. New digital scanners make tuning unnecessary and the quality of sound much better than before. In addition to the vast amount of information available online, the information made public on a digital scanner can make it easier for the listener to draw an unbiased conclusion.

“In the first days of America, news was passed from neighbor to neighbor. We everyday people really were the first source of information, and we still can be. Some of that is done through new tools, like Twitter and camera phones. Other parts of it are done by going back to basics and doing things like monitoring police activity through a police scanner. These digital police scanners just make it easier to do so,” claimed Rebecca Grosh, a spokesperson for Bearcat Warehouse.

“It’s our hope that people will really get involved at a local level after hearing in detail what is happening in their own communities. Even if they’re simply more aware than before, that’s a positive,” said Grosh.

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