A Premier Review Site Aids People Find the Best Daily Deals & Events in Jaco Costa Rica

With 300 businesses on the site and over 1000 reviews, Jaco Insider offers up-to-date information about the latest events and daily deals in Jaco Costa Rica

Online PR News – 12-June-2012 – 6/7/2012, Jaco Beach, Puntarenas – Jaco Beach, Puntarenas Jaco Insider, a premier review site is launched to assist people find reviews and information on businesses and products in Jaco Costa Rica. Jaco Insider has more than 300 businesses and over 1000 reviews. It also offers up-to-date information about latest events and daily deals in Jaco Costa Rica hotels, restaurants, real estate, tours, bars, and vacation rentals.

"In last year, around 2.2 million tourists visited Costa Rica," according to Costa Rican Tourism Board

With hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars and vacation rentals within this coastal city, it is difficult for tourists to find the best daily deals on hotels, vacation rentals and shopping. Jaco Insider is specifically developed to help people find the best daily deals, events, special offers and to talk with other reviewers. It is your trip advisor for Jaco Costa Rica.

"Identifying the right service according to your expectation and budget might be a time consuming and tedious process. With several service providers, choosing a reliable and trustworthy service provider needs to be done tactfully. That's why we have created a premier review site that offers up-to-date information about the businesses, latest events and daily deals in Jaco Costa Rica. In short, this site in ran by the people and for the people. You can also help others by posting your reviews regarding businesses and services in Jaco Costa Rica. To simplify your searching process, we have categorized reviews, events and special offers under different sections," says a spokesperson for Jaco Insider.

Jaco Insider is a review site that lets people to search the latest reviews on Jaco Costa Rica restaurants, businesses, hotels, real estates, bars, nightlife entertainment and more. Since, reviews are posted in Jaco Insider by real customers they offer unbiased information about service providers thus, helping other customers to choose the right service provider.

"We have advanced search options that allow you to find the latest reviews regarding a specific business in time. You can also invite your friends and post classified ads regarding your products. We update our review site with latest events and special offers on regular basis to assist people in finding the best daily deals," adds the spokesperson.

About Jaco Insider:

Jaco Insider is a premier review site that assists people find reviews and information on businesses and products in Jaco Costa Rica.

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