Designer Of Hand Crafted Fashion Accessories Looking To Compete For $250,000 Grant

Isidora Designs began with the sewing skills and a dream of designer Constancia to provide fashionable Custom Handmade Handbags to the public.

Online PR News – 13-June-2012 – Valencia, CA – [Valencia, CA] - June 3, 2012 - Isidora Designs began with the sewing skills and a dream of designer Constancia to provide fashionable Custom Handmade Handbags to the public. That dream became a reality when the designer set up shop on the web, making it easy for customers around the world to see what she had to offer and create a bag that would meet their own tastes. Now, that dream could grow to be even bigger if she can get the 250 votes she needs to be considered for one of up to twelve $250,000 Mission: Small Business grants to be awarded this year. If Isidora Designs is the winner, the designer will have far more capital to work with and be able to create a wider selection of products that could push her business forward and further establish her as a leading web based female entrepreneur that has leveraged the power of social media sites like Facebook to make it easy for customers to get the kind of hand crafted products she offers. Products like these are rarely found in fashion boutiques, but thanks to the web the designer is able to find a far larger audience that shares her passion for fashion combined with utility and values the hand crafted care she puts into each of her products.

Isidora Designs not only offers to let customers design their own bags that the designer will create on their behalf, it also offers a selection of ready to ship products for those who would like to get products like Handmade Diaper Bags, messenger bags, tote bags and more much more quickly. Secure shopping via the site and even a live chat feature make it a cutting edge choice for those that want to be able to feel closer to the designer of the products they choose and know that they are supporting a small business that is based on a vision, dedication and hard work. Today's fashion savvy consumers value these types of factors when they make a purchase decision and when given the option, they often choose to patronize small businesses that can give them quality and still offer a satisfaction guarantee the way that Isidora Designs does. A company's story is always important to those who remain loyal to it and with such an inspiring one, Isidora Designs is certain to grow in the near future.

Those looking to learn more about Isidora Designs can visit the official site at or via Facebook at where they can vote for the company in the Mission: Small Business contest. To count, votes for the company must be placed before June 30, 2012.

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