Ed Young, Dallas-Based Pastor, Says '7 Days Of Sex' Corroborates Teachings

"7 Days of Sex," a new television show, features couples who are trying to enhance their intimacy by having sex every day for one week. Surprisingly to some, the recommendations of this show corroborate the teachings of Dallas-based pastor Ed Young.

Online PR News – 14-June-2012 – Grapevine, Texas – Lifetime's new television show, 7 Days of Sex, features couples who are looking to enhance the intimacy of their relationships by having sex for seven consecutive days. In doing so, they hope to spark the passion that they once felt and, ultimately, improve the quality of the relationship that they share. Surprisingly to many, the ideas presented by this television show mirror those preached by Dallas pastor Ed Young. A pastor at Fellowship Church, Ed Young has recently released a book, titled Sexperiment, that speaks to this very subject.

Ed Young has long held a reputation for being one of few religious leaders who delve into the topic of sexual intimacy within marriage. He has developed an approach that addresses both the practical and spiritual facets of intimacy, whereas many other religious leaders simply overlook the topic. Sexperiment, in fact, details the numerous benefits that regular sexual activity can provide to a committed marriage. Additionally, Ed Young uses his book to challenge married couples to have sex every day for a week.

Due to the similarity between Ed Young's recent publication and Lifetime's new television series, he has released a statement about the value of his approach.

"This show is built on a wonderful premise," commented Ed Young. "But viewers, and married couples in general, should understand that sex is not just sex. The act of having sex with your spouse will not help rebuild your marriage. There is a great deal of other work that goes into the challenge that Sexperiment poses to readers."

Some of this other work, notes Ed Young, involves building communication and intimacy. He challenges couples to share physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional intimacy that lasts beyond the seven days of sex.

Ed Young wrote Sexperiment with his wife, Lisa. The book explores the ways in which married couples can benefit from a healthy level of sexual intimacy. Although Young certainly concedes that sex is not the only part of a marriage that needs attention, he asserts that the importance of it cannot be overlooked. As such, the publication was written with the needs of married couples in mind and has proven a valuable teaching resource to a variety of couples.

The founding pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, Ed Young has written 13 publications, counting his latest book. Co-authored with his wife, Lisa, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse is his most recent release. This book features a slightly unorthodox approach to a frank discussion of sex within marriage. Although the majority of religious leaders shy away from the subject, Ed Young has built a reputation as one of the few who will openly talk about the ways in which a healthy sex life can improve a marriage. In addition to this topic, Ed Young is known for his sermons on family and parenting.

For more information about Ed Young, his teachings, and Sexperiment, visit www.thesexperiment.com.

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