Offers A New Reputation Management Solution To Bad Yelp Reviews announces a new solution to fixing yelp reviews and helping business owners remove them from the search engines.

Online PR News – 15-June-2012 – Denver, Colorado – When was launched, it was promoted as a reliable method for consumers to use to find out more about restaurants, shops, hairdressers, doctors and more. Since the reviews were generated by real users, the theory was that they could be considered accurate and unbiased. Unfortunately, Yelp has become a popular way for consumers to publically complain, and business owners who have tried to remove negative reviews have faced a wall of inaction from Yelp. A new solution provided by may help.

Businesses and individuals with poor reviews get little assistance from Yelp. In fact, the company will not remove the reviews unless those reviews specifically violate their terms of service. The terms are remarkably broad, providing users with a great deal of freedom to publically discuss their opinions, either positive or negative. It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for most companies to convince Yelp to remove poor reviews. Service providers have even tried to sue the company in the past in order to take down poor reviews, and they have lost those lawsuits.

Customers know that their reviews can be harmful, and as a result, some customers have begun to threaten businesses with poor reviews. Unfortunately, some companies have fallen prey to these threats, providing clients with discounts they do not deserve or bonuses they did not earn, in order to prevent these clients from writing poor reviews that could put a damper on future business. These clients may still write poor reviews, even when provided with bribes, and the company may have no legal recourse to retaliate when this happens. has developed a review management system that helps remove negative reviews from appearing in the search engines while at the same time promoting positive reviews. In order to understand how the solution works, it's best to begin with a short tutorial on how clients find these poor reviews in the first place.

There are multiple websites available that can comb through the information available on the Internet and provide viewers with targeted results. Even though a great deal of variety is supposed to bring back vigorous competition, there is really only one major player in the world of Internet search engines. That player is Google. According to research, nearly 70 percent of searches are conducted using Google. Those who can control the results that Google spits back at users can control their online reputations to a large degree.

When searchers use Google, they tend to focus their attention on the first six listings of results provided. Links that appear at the top of the list are considered more relevant, and more reliable. Statistics show that listings in the top 3 results for a specific keyword receive 70% of the clicks, meaning if you have negative review in the top of Google, 7 out of 10 customers will see it and most likely read it. Those at the end of the list are ignored. By using reputation management and pushing poor reviews out of the Google search engine results (SERPS), those reviews become much more difficult to find, and as a result, they have much less power. is able to push reviews back by targeting the specific keyword that potential customers are using to locate the negative reviews. Once this keyword has been identified, the company creates thousands of custom digital assets, online profiles and review sites that appear near the top of Google search engine results. consistently monitors those assets to drive them up to the top of results and keep them in place.

This work can protect companies and individuals who already have poor reviews on Yelp, but might also be helpful for companies that don't yet have poor results appearing. Yelp is a public site, and all Internet users are welcome to use it, so companies that don't already have poor reviews may soon have them in the future. By engaging the help of now, companies and individuals can create a firewall that will help protect them from the impact of attacks coming in the future.

About has helped literally hundreds of clients recover from poor reviews on Yelp, and the company provides a free consultation to all prospective businesses or individuals who believe they may need help with Yelp. The company can be reached through the website:

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