SEO Company offers free domain name and web hosting free of charge

SEO Company announces to give 1000 .com domain names and web hosting accounts free of cost, they will also provide 4 page dynamic website with each domain and hosting account given free of charge in order to let 1000 businesses get free domain name, web hosting, web design and development

Online PR News – 02-March-2010 – – SEO Company will give away 1000 .com domains and free web hosting accounts says Luqman Qadir, the CEO of SEO Company Pakistan. He added, not only free domain and web hosting we are also planning to provide 1000 customers with free website design and website development service.

We are very serious about business and we want to help all individuals and even small business firms which cannot afford buying domain names and web hosting services, this new offer would help 1000 people be it in the countries we are based in or anywhere in the world.

Our domain name and web hosting department has been consulted being giving away this service and they are glad to create more free domain name and web hosting accounts, quality free web hosting everyone needs, in my most recent meeting with our website designers and website developers we agreed to provide all 1000 domain name registrants and web hosting individuals free 5 page website designing and website development service free of cost, Luqman said

This offer would bring 1000 businesses online and I think that would be the biggest help ever, to let everyone enjoy doing businesses online, as we are giving away free domain name and web hosting, website design and web development, our search engine optimizers and search engine marketers will provide free one month Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing services to all the web designing and development for the said customers Luqman expressed

Luqman added, we understand many newbies are still not sure how website design and website development going to help and this is where we feel we should make difference with our service, No matter what SEO Company would keep supporting our businessmen online with our domain name registration, website hosting and web design and web development service, during you are getting your domain name registered and hosted your line will be transferred to our website designers and web developers to tell the kind of website you need, likewise our search engine optimizers and search engine marketers would be providing free of cost seo consulting for your website and you would also be given free one month search engine optimization and search engine marketing service.

Luqman said, this is the best we think we can do and I believe this completely free service for 1000 customers would add life to web with quality website registered, hosted, designed, developed and even search engine optimized and marketed which would help new people earn and obtain maximum business by spending nothing on their business web design and development.

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