The March 2010 Rankings of the Best Law Firms for Cyberspace Cases Announced by

The independent authority on law firms,, recognized the best internet attorney for March 2010. Each internet law firm ranked specializes in handling cases that deal with cyberspace and the emerging legal issues that are facing companies.

Online PR News – 02-March-2010 – – Plymouth, IN – The best law firms for cyberspace cases for March 2010 named by for March 2010. Ensuring that you are using the best internet attorney for your case can mean the difference between winning and losing the case. You want make sure that the most important this is protecting the client’s rights.

Internet law is an emerging field. The complexity of the changes in the industry means that the internet law firm needs to stay on top of the latest news. The best internet law firm will help their clients to understand law compliancy issues, and help file suits against any business that violates the copyright laws or any other right that protects their client.

The best cyberspace attorneys for March 2010 are:

Does the firm work with law enforcement to ensure that copyrights are being respected in virtual works and to fight against piracy?

1. Graft, Campbell and Parker, P.C.
2. Wisener Nunnally Gold, L.L.P.
3. Aardema, Whitelaw & Sears-Ewald, PLLC
4. Kasdorf, Lewis & Swietlik, S.C.
5. Restani, Dittmar & Hauser, P.A.
6. Tyler & Wilson, LLP
7. Yow, Fox & Mannen, L.L.P.
8. Wood, Rabil & Peake, LLP
9. Marks, Golia & Finch, L.L.P.
10. Charlston, Revich & Wollitz LLP

The independent authority on law firms analyzes thousands of applicants every month in order to ensure that only the best law firms are ranked. An experienced research team performs an in-depth analysis of each firm testing their knowledge and reviewing their case successes and failures. Questions are asked such as, “Does the firm work to protect the rights of their clients when it comes to cyberspace in situations such as if an internet service provider (ISP) is throttling connections for one client as opposed to another?” or “Does the firm work with law enforcement to ensure that copyrights are being respected in virtual works and to fight against piracy?”.

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