KritiKal Solution rolls out TrEnd Video Codec

KritiKal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has ventured into the entertainment market with TrEnd- a highly efficient encoder, decoder and transcoder library with real-time, high density transcoding capabilities.

Online PR News – 27-June-2012 – Noida – KritiKal Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a technology design house, specializing in outsourced product design and R&D, has ventured into the entertainment market with TrEnd- a highly efficient encoder, decoder and transcoder library with real-time, high density transcoding capabilities. Trend assists in decoding single/multiple frames from a video and encoding videos in the desired format with full control over compression parameters. Transcoding converts a video from one format to another in compressed domain for transmission over heterogeneous networks and end devices. Transcoding in compressed domain reduces the amount of data to be processed and avoids overhead of compression and decompression complexities. The seamless integration of the video codec makes it a complete transcoding solution.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Piyush Bhargava, Lead Design Engineer said, “KritiKal’s endeavors have always been towards catering to the ever growing demands in the Image Processing, Computer Vision and Multimedia industry. With TrEnd, we want to expand our horizon further and deliver the most advanced video processing library that has the potential to redefine multimedia content management on mobile devices as well as other relevant platforms and devices.”
Benefits & Features:
• Fast transcoding in compressed domain. Allows extraction and modification of DCT coefficients and motion stats in encoded frames
• Easy to understand, cross-platform (Windows & Linux) API.
• Seamless integration with other applications
• Prevents progressive loss of quality in different formats.
• Transcoding with high performance and quality
• Reduce the usage of disk space by video file
• Represents Luma and colour information separately, hence retains the quality of images in the video.
• Provides true search capability for any multimedia content on any mobile device.
• Fixing corrupted or partial downloaded video files.
• Converting media content for playback on multimedia devices.
• Improves compression / reducing size for audio/video files.
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About KritiKal: KritiKal is a technology design house focused on Embedded System Design and Real Time Computer Vision and Imaging Solutions. Its expertise lies in System Architectural design & development right from requirements stage to market ready products. We have an impressive portfolio of product designs using FPGAs; 8bit to 32 bit microprocessors; bus architectures like SPI, I2C, CAN, PCI etc; and Embedded Operating Systems like Linux, VxWorks, ThreadX etc. KritiKal’s domain expertise extends to network routers, modems, telecom protocol firmware, cameras etc. KritiKal also specializes in real-time video processing solutions. This involves research and development of pattern recognition and other image processing/computer vision algorithms and software, selection of Imaging Sensors, Cameras and Image Digitization Circuitry, Lighting, Placement, Mounting and the right processing platform for the Software Development and Integration with other Electronic or Electro-Mechanical Systems.

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