State Governor Recognizes Firm’s Contribution To Responsible Drinking

This week Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper recognized the contribution of a local business owner to responsible drinking, and reduced alcohol related incidents, with a personal letter.

Online PR News – 03-July-2012 – Denver,colorado – This week Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper recognized the contribution of a local business owner to responsible drinking, and reduced alcohol related incidents, with a personal letter. Owner Scott Douthitt says he was honored to receive the recognition and feel fortunate to be able to contribute to an important cause.

Creating a ‘buzz’ and getting visibility for your brand is essential to the success of any company and Bar-i Intelligent Inventory is finding creative ways of doing just that. Bar-i founder and co-owner Scott Douthitt is a certified Training for Intervention ProcedureS (TIPS) trainer and conducts responsible service training courses frequently across the State. It is because of his contributions to the TIPS program that Douthitt recently received recognition from Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper thanking him for his “hard work in helping to prevent alcohol related incidents”. “It was definitely a surprise to receive a personalized letter from the Governor. I feel honored to receive praise for my efforts”, said Douthitt.

Bar-i Intelligent Inventory is a Colorado based liquor inventory company that provides bars with liquor inventory software and a personalized liquor inventory system. Douthitt, a former restaurant manager himself, has been a certified TIPS trainer and conducting TIPS course for around two years.The TIPS program was developed in 1982 as a course to provide servers and bartenders the tools necessary to responsibly serve customers. Today, many bars and restaurants either only hire certified staff or enroll their staff in these courses in order to avoid concerns with over serving and varying state laws.

The liquor inventory company provides this additional service for bars and restaurants across the state and offering of TIPS classes is another opportunity to offer value to bar owners and managers. “Of course we understand the responsibility held by bartenders and value the importance of having a well trained staff, but that value does not end with the customers. We feel that if bartenders understand the inherent dangers of over-pouring this will aid in making them less likely to ‘give away the bar’”, says Bar-i Co-owner Jamie Edwards.

From a company that specializes in saving bars money, and the preservation of liquor inventory, it is not surprising to find that they have this viewpoint. According to Edwards, Bar-i has conducted liquor inventory audits for over 60 bars and they have consistently found that bar owners and managers are surprised to find that on average 20% of liquor inventory is being spilled, over-poured or stolen. “We have also found that bars with well trained staff typically see smaller inventory loss”, added Edwards. While the company aims to add value to their firm Douthitt is also adding a valuable contribution to the bar industry. “If courses like the ones that I conduct can help reduce alcohol related tragedies then I feel fortunate to be in a position to contribute”.

While Bar-i Intelligent Inventory and its co-owner Scott Douthitt have found recent recognition, the liquor inventory company is intent on gaining greater attention in the bar industry for their core liquor inventory services. Having recently expanded operations, the firm is looking for growth opportunities and it will be interesting to see the trajectory of this young and innovative company. Meanwhile Douthitt will continue to conduct TIPS courses and remain, as Governor John Hickenlooper stated, “committed to making Colorado a safer place.

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