Outside Catering For Harrogate Launched By Victus Restaurants

Victus Restaurants have extended their offerings, in July 2012, to include outside catering in Harrogate. Local businesses can enjoy a range of delicious, imaginative platters, christened with Formula One circuit names.

Online PR News – 09-July-2012 – 7/7/2012, London, Uk – London, Uk Victus Restaurants have extended their offerings, in July 2012, to include outside catering in Harrogate. Local businesses can enjoy a range of delicious, imaginative platters, christened with Formula One circuit names.

For Some Savoury Enjoyment

The Victus Restaurants' Outside Catering Menu consists of platters which serve four people and are priced from £12.95 to £14.95, with unsurprisingly, the Monaco Platter being at the top end of the price scale! There are savoury extras, such as nachos, chicken skewers, crudités and more savoury delights, all serving four people also.

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

To satisfy your sweet tooth there are a range of tempting sweet extras such as chocolate fudge brownies, a flapjack tray bake, a mixed muffin selection and other sweet temptations.

Victus Restaurants source as many ingredients locally as possible and in their outside catering menu these are used to create really tasty food that is delivered to your business or venue. The platters take on the mood of the Formula One venue that they are named after.

All platters serve four people:

Silverstone Platter £12.95

- Roast Ham and Mature Cheddar

- Tuna & Mayo

- BLT with Maple Mayo

- Free Range Egg Mayo with Cress

- Coronation Chicken

Monaco Platter £14.95

- Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese with Dill

- Mustard Roast Beef with Horseradish

- Chicken Avocado with Sundried Tomatoes

- Brie and Cranberry

- Roast Chicken with Pesto & Rocket

Monza Platter £13.95

- Chicken & Chorizo

- Feta & Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Basil

- Roast Chicken with Sweet Chilli Mayo

- Prawn with Marie Rose Sauce

- Wensleydale & Ham with Apple Chutney

Valencia Baguette Platter £13.95

- Roast Beef & Horseradish

- BLT with Maple Mayo

- Feta Roasted Red Peppers, Tomato & Basil

- Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese & Dill

- Cheddar and Apple Chutney

Interlagos Mixed Platter - A Mix of Both Baguettes and Sandwiches £13.95

- Chicken with Pesto & Rocket

- Brie and Cranberry

- Prawn with Marie Rose Sauce Baguette

- Tuna Mayo Baguette

- Roast Chicken with Sweet Chilli Mayo

- Feta & Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Basil Baguette

The Savoury Extras Also Serve Four People:

Chicken Skewers £6.95

Crudités £6.95

Olive Bowl £3.95

Nachos and Dips £6.95

Selection of Mini Savouries £7.50

Sausage Rolls £6.50

Various Crisps 0.75p per bag

Sweet Extras for Four People:

Triple Chocolate Muffins £7.00

Blueberry Cheesecake Muffin £7.00

Carrot Multi-seed Muffins £7.00

Mixed Muffin Selection £7.00

Chocolate Fudge Brownie £7.00

Flapjack Tray Bake £7.00

Caramel Shortcake £7.00

Fruit & Nut Tiffin £7.00

Mixed Tray Bake Selection £7.00

Various Chocolate Bars 0.75p per bar

Now that you know what is available on the Victus Outside Catering Menu, let's hope you can imagine how it can be enjoyed in your boardroom, office or wherever you need it to be!

Placing Outside Catering Orders:

If you wish to order a selection of food for the following day, it should be ordered by 4pm of the day before. If for some reason this is not possible the Victus Team will try to facilitate you to meet your requirements.

You can either mail or phone the orders in:

Email - order@victusrestaurants.com

Phone - 01423 529060


Victus Restaurants opened its doors on 5th September 2011. It was born from a desire to create a different style of restaurants by a team of founders who are all super passionate about food.

The founders and team of Victus Restaurants in Harrogate are inspired by different types of cuisine from around the world. They love creating that perfect blend of a great atmosphere, really tasty food and staff who are friendly and enjoy their work.

Victus Restaurants looks forward to sharing really good, fresh homemade food with you in your business or venue, when you avail of Victus outside catering in Harrogate( http://www.victusrestaurants.com/ ) - or of course, as always in the restaurant.

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