Social Tourism 2.0: Greek Island Animals Get Relief Through Online Hotel Bookings

Socially conscious tourists make each hotel booking count for Greek island animals in need.

Online PR News – 11-July-2012 – Montreal, QC – A new social tourism initiative from hotel search website will allow conscious travellers to directly contribute to the welfare of animals on the Greek islands. Each time a Greek island hotel booking is made through, part of the commission will go to support animal rescue groups in Greece. tourism is a terrific way for savvy travellers to give something back to their favorite destinations!

Many tourists have been first-hand witnesses to the social neglect of animals around the Greek islands. Thousands and thousands of stray dogs and cats roam the streets and country sides.

More often than not these animals are left to care for themselves and destined to perish from thirst, starvation, disease, or being run over by tourist buses. Greece's current financial crisis has added further distress to stray animals, and to those who do their best to care for them.

Dr. Marcus Lindstrom, co-founder of, explains: "We are seeing an unfortunate situation for animals in Greece. The program we are now launching will help save a lot of our four-legged friends from experiencing suffering and slow agonizing death. There is an increasing demand for socially conscious travel and booking a hotel through a site that supports social tourism is a terrific way for savvy travellers to give something back to their favorite destinations!"

So, how does it work? For every Greek island hotel reservation that is made through the company will donate up to 10% of its profit to animal rescue groups that operate on the Greek islands. Initially, the type of support will be entirely financial, but other forms of activities may be considered in the future. "It will depend on how well our social tourism initiative is received by the community and the growth of our hotel search business as a whole. Of course, we are hopeful that we will establish mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with animal support groups on the Greek islands," says Dr. Lindstrom.

The company is looking to social media to gain support for their campaign. For example, anyone can help increase the company's total donations simply by joining their cause for Greek island animals on Facebook. is the leading website dedicated to Greek island hotel deals. The company mission is two-fold: first, to provide an extraordinary hotel shopping experience for Greek island visitors, and, second, to promote the concept of socially conscious tourism by providing travellers with a hotel booking option that supports animals in need on the Greek islands.

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