Devcon Security Announces New Senior Focused Package

New “Security Plus” Package Includes Features Important To Seniors and Their Safety

Online PR News – 18-July-2012 – Hollywood, Florida – Devcon Security is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new senior-focused Security Plus home monitoring package. The Hollywood, Florida company is offering the new package to customers over age 70 as a means of providing additional security and safety in their homes. The new package includes several new features like:

• two-way vocal communications between Devcon and the customer
• a programmable medical emergency panic button
• carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Most alarms received by monitoring centers are triggered by panic buttons

The panic button feature is especially important to seniors who live independently or are home alone during the day while their caregivers are at work. The panic button can be specifically programmed to alert Devcon's monitoring personnel in case of a medical emergency. Devcon can immediately inform local emergency services so that help can be dispatched right away.

"Most alarms received by monitoring centers are triggered by panic buttons," said Devcon Security Vice President of Customer Care William Pratt. "Responders are often unable to speak with the individual that pressed the panic button, which leaves them without critical information needed to prepare for a potential medical emergency. This system enables the person triggering the alarm to indicate a medical emergency. Now emergency personnel will know ahead of time and can prepare more effectively, leading to better outcomes for Devcon customers."

Pratt went on to say that Devcon's commitment to customer satisfaction led them to develop Security Plus in response to feedback from their customers. He believes the package is just what their older customers need to feel secure and protected in their homes.

In order to ensure customers are comfortable with the new features Devcon has expanded the three-day rescission period to 30 days. That means customers have a full 30 days to try out "Security Plus" before making a commitment to keep it.

For more information about Security Plus individuals are encouraged to call Devcon Security at 1-855-280-3311. Please be aware that carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are provided in accordance with local licensing and the availability of installation requirements. They may not be available to Devcon customers in all areas.

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