Raffles Equity Research Inc. Introduces a New Deferred Fixed Annuity Product

Raffles is instrumental in formulating Equity Research strategies for some of the most well known investment funds; mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds on both a consulting and proprietary trading basis.

Online PR News – 19-July-2012 – May 23, 2012, Bangalore, India – Author: Raffles Advisory Division
This new product is an Innovative Combination of Safety and Opportunity
Bangalore, India (May 23, 2012) - Raffles Equity Research Inc. has just launched Innovative Rate Advantage, a new deferred fixed annuity that offers a unique combination of safety and opportunity. Clients who purchase the product lock-in a guaranteed interest rate, giving them predictable growth. But, if interest rates rise, clients have an opportunity to make a one-time increase to the guaranteed rate. Or, even if they do nothing, they may receive an increase automatically.
This rate increase opportunity is available through a new optional feature-unique to the marketplace and offered only through Innovative Rate Advantage. If newly declared rates for Innovative Rate Advantage rise, clients who elect this feature at contract issue have a one-time opportunity on a contract anniversary during the initial guaranteed period to increase the guaranteed interest rate. If the clients don't use the feature by the last year prior to the end of the initial guaranteed period, they will receive the higher rate automatically. The new rate will apply for the remainder of the guaranteed period.
"Clients may be hesitant about locking in an interest rate in a low rate environment," says Dr. James W. Arnold, CFA and Director of Research at Raffles Equity Research, "but with the Raffles rate flexibility feature within the Innovative Rate Advantage product, clients are able to start earning a solid interest rate now and capture a higher rate later if interest rates rise."
In addition to the benefits of Innovative Rate Advantage, Raffles Equity Research Inc. offers several other optional features that provide protection and growth, including a purchase payment guarantee and an immediate credit enhancement of up to 2% of the purchase payment.
Dr. Arnold continued, “A most interesting development is our equity growth matrix option that provides a participation in a tracking portfolio’s return. Based upon a managed stock portfolio of risk-on selection levels, with guaranteed downside protection, it provides yield enhanced equity growth and controlled risk.
Innovative Rate Advantage, with its optional controlled risk / yield enhanced features and look-back rate guarantee adjustment options, is the latest in an expanding line of retirement solutions that are available to all of our wealth management clients.”

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