Prosumis Implement Carbon Reduction Program.

Prosumis Carbon Solutions meet their target emission reduction levels and the returns for investors inevitably show a higher yield.

Online PR News – 24-July-2012 – Vancouver, British Columbia, – Prosumis Carbon Solutions provides services to assist such companies that produce excess Carbon Credit Offset Units. Their overall plan is to measure current carbon emissions, and by means of their Carbon Management Strategies, sell any excess Carbon Credits within the lucrative market for emissions trading.
Prosumis Carbon Solutions acknowledges the need for businesses to positively act on the subject of addressing climate change and global warming, and by ensuring businesses have a profitable and sustainable way of making the changes needed to combat this problem and they can assist and advise companies to achieve eco-harmony.
“Our mission is to combat global warming by offsetting carbon emissions through funding the highest quality clean energy projects. Afforestation and reforestation provide social and environmental benefits in developing countries while adhering to international standards such as VCS, CDM/JI, and the Gold Standard. By executing a long-term effective carbon management strategy we can help improve the environment on a global level.
“We show that the company is capable to invest a sizable portion of its own capital to start the proceedings and will then aim to seek capital assistance to engage in the final phase with the assistance of a fully directed feasibility study.”quoted the senior analyst at Prosumis Carbon Solutions.

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