Los Angeles Law Firm Offers DUI Criminal Defense Technique - A Saver For Over Twenty Years

Hedding Law Firm is a firm of experienced and professional DUI lawyers in Los Angeles who seek justice in jury trial technique, when anything goes wrong.

Online PR News – 24-July-2012 – Los Angeles, California – Driving under the influence of alcohol can cause more problems that might have ever been imagined. Before the trial even proceeds, there is a motion in limine period when motions are brought up before the court to allow the judge to rule on certain evidence to admit during trial. DUI Lawyers investigate all the evidence that is being presented against and look for any inconsistencies, ambiguities, or insufficiencies and draw up a motion to have such evidence excluded. Ace Criminal Attorneys is a prominent firm in Los Angeles that has the ability and talent to open statements that are powerful and convincing in the court of justice to win in jury trials. Driving under the influence can cost a lot in more ways than one and it is quite a serious offense. It will therefore require quite a lot of work if one is found guilty, and therefore the right lawyer is essential to handle the case effectively.

Drinking and driving is not an excusable offense in Los Angeles, and quite a few accidents arise due to disregard for the rules or just mere lack of forethought. Therefore, DUI is very seriously handled and professional help is required in order to settle matters or deal with matters arising out of drinking and driving. A good Los Angeles DUI attorney or firm such as Ace Criminal Attorneys is ideal in situations such as these and can be quite effective. In fact, the track record of this firm has proven that they are the best choice for those who are booked for DUI, and many of their clients can testify to this fact.

Just getting out of severe punishment is not the only reason for getting a good Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer. The right attorney will also ensure that a person’s record is not tarnished with the offence of drinking and driving. Ace Criminal Attorneys specializes in providing all possible defense for their clients and have therefore a very good track record as they achieve results. Dealing with DUI cases is quite a complex task, and the attorneys in this firm are specialized in dealing with such issues. With free consultation, many people have benefitted from the expertise of this firm that carries with it a combined experience of over 75 years. In fact, Ace Criminal Attorneys is the only firm in the US that has received a Presidential Pardon for one of its clients.

People do make mistakes, but this is no reason to condemn them for the rest of their lives. Everyone deserves a second chance, as many of the clients who are helped on a daily basis by these Los Angeles DUI attorneys can attest to. There are also quite a few high profile cases that have been handled here as these lawyers understand that the feelings of confusion and helplessness that pervade the soul are the same no matter who the person involved is. In fact, a popular magazine referred to Ace Criminal Attorney’s founding member Ronald D. Hedding as an "ace criminal defense attorney" because of the outstanding skills employed in dealing with a case.

For even more information on how Ace Criminal Attorneys work with people who have been booked for DUI, watch the video on the instant help offered.

Ace Criminal Attorneys is a firm of experienced and professional DUI lawyers in Los Angeles who are so sought after, that even other lawyers use their services to defend them. They are known to fight zealously for every client who goes to them, and there are thousands of cases to add to their already vast experience.

Being convicted of a criminal offense can drastically affect the future. The Hedding Law Firm is a team of excellent Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers, dedicated to providing outstanding legal representation to members of the community. Together, over 50 years of combined leadership and experience in defending clients' rights in the state of California. All our lawyers are board certified and well-educated with current law.

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