Tamlin Software Developers and AccountMate Actively Recruit Sage MAS 500 Resellers

Tamlin Software Developers and AccountMate® Software Corporation are working together to convince Sage MAS 500 resellers to switch ERP software vendors.

Online PR News – 01-August-2012 – July 31, 2012 - Dallas, TX – Tamlin Software Developers and AccountMate® Software Corporation are working together to convince Sage MAS 500 resellers to switch ERP software vendors. Key components of this strategy include two recent new hires at Tamlin, Don Sathe and Tony Smith; and clear, defined selling propositions created specifically for resellers who have manufacturing clients, including an emphasis on Tamlin’s Manufacturing Conductor™.

Smith has more than 20 years’ experience in training, development and implementation of integrated ERP, CRP, distribution, financial, and manufacturing system solutions, and over 15 years of successful ERP implementations with an international client base. He has hands-on experience transforming organizations from traditional manufacturing to focused factories, and vertical integration in discrete and repetitive manufacturing environments.

Sathe brings software implementation, operations, manufacturing and process improvement, internal project management, and consulting experience to Tamlin. He has assisted implementation teams and customers in process design and implementations of their ERP systems. Creative business problem solving and process improvement skills help him resolve client manufacturing and operational issues.

Linda Bryan, CEO of Tamlin, and David Dierke, president and CEO of AccountMate, commented on the strategy.

“The integration of Manufacturing Conductor with AccountMate software creates a combined package that fills a wide range of manufacturers’ needs, and because AccountMate provides source code to both resellers and us as a software developer, Manufacturing Conductor takes advantage of all the built-in inventory capability,” says Bryan. “The AccountMate ERP system is deep on its inventory handling functionality; this is especially appealing to manufacturing and wholesale distribution clients.”

“We sell in the same market space as the MAS resellers, so we understand the dynamics of their type of business and support their efforts through specific programs and promotions,” says Dierke. “The AccountMate software system can be tailored to the specific needs of a reseller’s client through source code that makes the offering more flexible. In addition, AccountMate does not sell direct on any of our business financial products, maintenance or services, so resellers are assured margin on all of these items.”

“With the uncertainty of the future direction by Sage for its MAS 500 product, plus the heavy emphasis on X3, Sage resellers should be evaluating their position and decide whether they are willing to move from MAS 500 to X3, or decide to look at a viable replacement for MAS 500, such as AccountMate,” says Smith. “Having implemented MAS 500 for more than 12 years, I have been impressed with how AccountMate and Tamlin’s Manufacturing Conductor work together to provide the kind of solution manufacturers need in today’s environment.”

Sathe agrees that the AccountMate/Tamlin edge is readily apparent. “Tamlin definitely offers a stable product that provides solutions to a customer that Sage MAS 500 does not handle well.”

A primary goal for Smith and Sathe is to convince Sage MAS 500 resellers and customers to consider moving to AccountMate and Tamlin. With significant industry experience, Smith and Sathe are familiar with a user’s pain points and obstacles in changing software programs. For example, Smith says customers look at the total costs of software and implementation already spent and the perception that any new accounting solution would cost at least that and more.

“Another factor may be the experience of the company with its last implementation or implementation partner,” says Smith. “Most customers go through a very lengthy implementation when their service provider does not have or use a structured and proven project methodology. They feel that the next implementation would have the same results given the history within the company. Fortunately, with our project methodology, we are able to solve the core issues while quickly implementing the software.”

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