Evry’U Introduces Social Discovery to Windows Phone Marketplace

New and growing social discovery app for smartphones called Evry'U finally made it into Windows Marketplace enabling WP 7 users to experience real time, mobile friendships and flirting.

Online PR News – 09-August-2012 – 8th August,2012 Toronto, Canada – SmaartMobile is excited to announce that Evry’U is now available for WP 7. After Android and iPhone releases WP 7 joins the Evry’U family so more users can connect through mobile.

Evry’U is the first real time, social discovery app available on Windows Phone Marketplace, and one of the few mobile applications compatible across multiple mobile platforms. Equipped with a lot of cool tools for Social Discovery, Evry’U’s most unique feature is that it allows users to create multiple unique profiles to express themselves differently with their different Social Circles.

Users can create two types of profiles running in parallel, private and public ones. Private profiles are used for interaction with the social circles of people you already know. Public profiles are for Social Discovery, to chat with other users nearby or from all over the world. Inside Evry’U, users can experience the fun of social discovery, supported by a map feature that makes it easy to meet in real life. It’s Ideal for travellers, students in a new city or for people who just want to get to know other people on a local or global scale.

“This separation between private profiles and public discovery profiles is pretty unique because you don’t mix your existing social life with new people you discover. And being able to have multiple profiles, gives you a chance to express the various sides of yourself, sides that might surprise you” says Sergey Pakhandrin, product manager.

“ We have put a lot of thought when developing this app ,“ says Milenko Radic, marketing manager. “Our main aim was to create a fun place for people to meet and connect, but still be able to protect their privacy. “
Evry’U is available on Google Play, iTunes and form today on Windows Marketplace.
Join the world of social discovery- chat , share and flirt .

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