Yuly Aronson Announces 25 Years Of Successful Career As Hand Surgeon

Yuly Aronson is proud to announce twenty-five years of a successful career as a hand surgeon in Iowa.

Online PR News – 22-August-2012 – Denver, Colorado – Yuly Aronson is proud to announce twenty-five years of a successful career as a hand surgeon in Iowa. Working with patients who are suffering from severe carpal tunnel syndrome, Yuly Aronson has made a name for himself in Iowa and throughout the greater Midwestern United States by treating patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.

"I have to say, I never would have dreamed of such a rewarding career as an undergraduate," says Yuly Aronson. Aronson graduated cum laude from Iowa State University. "I always knew I wanted to go into some kind of medical work and help others, but I never knew that carpal tunnel syndrome and hand and wrist surgery would become my specialty. It isnít glamorous, of course, but I think itís very important," says Yuly Aronson.

Today, after twenty-five years of helping patients through their wrist pain and suffering, Yuly Aronson is launching a new website, YulyAronson.com. The website is Aronsonís attempt to provide valuable information and content to those who are unable to make their way to his practice in Iowa.

"Itís hard for me to see others suffer, and to know that I canít do anything for them. Throughout the last twenty-five years of my career,Ē says Yuly Aronson, ďthis has been one of the most challenging aspects. However, as I reach this milestone, I think itís appropriate that Iíve discovered an innovative way to overcome that feeling."

Though the website is being paid for by Yuly Aronson out of pocket, he considers it as ďA gift back to the patients who have given me such a rewarding life.Ē Yuly Aronson is happy to consider the website a twenty-five year, milestone gift to himself.

When asked about the most rewarding aspects of his career, Yuly Aronson responds, ďI think hearing people talk about how good they feel a year after surgery makes the biggest difference to me. When I know that someone came to me broken, and I sent them away healedÖ thatís hugeÖ thatís irreplaceable.Ē

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Yuly Aronson has been practicing medicine for over 25 years and welcomes questions and comments about his twenty-five years as a successful hand surgeon.

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