Gareth Gates who was runner up on the first ever series of the TV program Pop Idol in 2002 is to switch roles and appear as a DJ in Leicester City centre nightclub, Life.
Student night promoters Lollipop have negotiated for the current Les Miserables star to appear on March 25th as a DJ.
Gareth who has sold over 3.5 million records in the UK alone fell from mega star status when dropped by his record label in 2006 but reinvented himself as a stage musical star.
After his DJ spot Gareth is to undertake a meet and great with his still very sizeable fan base, giving fans the opportunity for photo’s and autographs.

Online PR News – 13-March-2010 – – Gareth Gates is set to appear as a DJ at Leicester City centre nightclub Life, on Thursday March 25th.
Gareth was the runner up on the first ever series of the TV reality talent show Pop Idol way back in 2002, and despite not winning was signed to BMG by Simon Cowell.
Hugely popular as a singer and known for battling against his stammer, Gareth won a legion of fans.
Gareth was catapulted to stardom with three number one singles in succession and his cover of “Unchained Melody” went double-platinum.
Even lurid tabloid stories of Gareth loosing his virginity to a six month pregnant Jordan did not halt Gareth’s meteoric rise to stardom.
It was in 2004 that Gareth chose to take time out to train as a speech coach, by this time Gates had sold just over three million singles in the UK, including the second and sixth best selling singles in 2002 ("Unchained Mellody", which sold 1.4 million, and "Anyone of Us , stupid mistake", which sold 581,000) and the second best selling single in 2003 ("Spirit in the Sky", 561,000 copies). All three of these singles were listed in the Top 100 singles of the decade (2000-2009) as announced on Radio 1 with Spirit in the Sky at #62, Anyone of Us (#56), and Unchained Melody (#2). The biggest selling single of the decade was, ironically, "Anything is Possible"/"Evergreen" by Will Young, whom Gates had lost the Pop Idol contest to.
In 2006 after two years of rumnours surrounding poor concert and CD sales Gareth was dropped by his record label.
Gareth continued to appear in the media most notably for his appearances on TV’s Dancing On Ice and the documantary Whatever Happened To Gareth Gates.
Recently Gareth has reinvented himself as a stage musical star appearing as Marius in Les Miserables.
In recent weeks Gareth was again in tabloid headlines when newspapers reported an affair with his Les Miserables co star Katie Hill.
In a week when headlines all over the country seemed to say love rat it was somewhat of a surprise to see Gareth’s face attached to some of the stories, particularly when his most recent TV appearance was on All-Star Mr & Mrs.
Student night promoters Lollipop have negotiated for the current Les Miserables star to appear on March 25th as a DJ, at the popular Life Nightclub in Leicester.
As fans will have will have the opportunity to meet the star after his performance for autographs and photos, will anyone remind him of his 2002 hit, “Anyone of Us (stupid Mistake”?)

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