Dying of AIDS, a former drug dealer will tell people of her past in the Internet

On 28 August, the World League “Mind Free of Drugs” and Nazaraliev Medical Centre launch a blog of a drug addicted woman dying of AIDS in a post-Soviet country.

Online PR News – 24-August-2012 – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – On 28 August, the World League “Mind Free of Drugs” and Nazaraliev Medical Centre launch a blog of a drug addicted woman dying of AIDS in a post-Soviet country. Having 30 years experience of injection drug use, Lyudmila, who spent her life journey in struggle with law and moral statutes, who faced rejection and aggression on the part of society, being on the edge of death, has recognized that her only loved one is her son who is ashamed of his mother and her past.

Heroin addiction took her youth away. But this is her last attempt to change something, to correct her mistakes. Lyudmila makes her confession to the society; she reveals her name and her face telling the truth about what she had to endure and what trials she made her son to get through. Lyudmila devotes last months of her life to his socialization. Her son must become a proper, valuable member of society and never repeat her destiny, by no means!

For an average man of the street a term “drug user” is associated, first of all, with a young man who dooms his friends and family to privations and suffering. However, this story is quite contrary. A young son tries to reconcile himself to her murky past, accept her against all the odds. She is his only loved one, his only significant other. After her death he would have to create his future on the shaky basis of her past. He keeps his filial affection carrying it through the endless cynicism and cruelty of narcotic realities.
He begs: “Please, don’t die, Mommy!”
Lyudmila’s son is the other character of the blog our readers are to face.

Transnational antidrug Internet project MayaPlanet, within which the blog is to be presented, initiates a mission to give the mankind a chance to see the miserable and ugly reality of drug users, to hear the bitter truth from the lips of drug addicts, their families and friends. Within the project, leading world famous experts in narcology, forensic science, social science, political sciences, history and philosophy, alongside with spiritual leaders and public figures of the planet, stars of sport and show business maintain an open dialogue with drug addicts all over the world and with all those who care.

The blog will be presented at the MayaPlanet website in seven languages. While this diary is being kept, highly experienced psychoanalysts, AIDS doctors and drug therapists will attend the participants. Our subscribers will be able not only to get to know about drug users’ household and everyday life, true life realities of HIV positive people, but also they will see a genuine drama of two people living among us.

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