Aligned Signs Uses Myers-Briggs™ and Astrology to Change Dynamic of Relationship Sites

New Site Focuses on Making Love, Friendship and Professional Connections in a New Way

Online PR News – 27-August-2012 – Saddle Brook/ New Jersey – Aligned Signs introduces an original way to make interpersonal connections and emphasizes the importance of getting to know yourself. The site’s foundation is built on the basic human need to interact and maintain relationships with like-minded people.

Members are matched based on Western Astrology, Chinese Zodiac and the Myers-Briggs™ Personality Assessment. Aligned Signs offers a unique alternative to relationship sites because it builds connections beyond traditional love interests. Instead, the site affirms the importance of compatibility in all prospective relationships – including professional connections and friendships.

Jessica Baker, CEO and Founder of Aligned Signs, created the site with the belief that self-awareness is the foundation of all meaningful relationships. She developed the site as a platform for people to gain comprehensive personal insight, therefore providing the most congenial matches.

"Aligned Signs does not limit service to only single men and women, but is open to individuals in all different situations and status’ of life. We believe that by learning more about yourself, you will foster better relationships of all kinds."

Aligned Signs utilizes three perennial methods to determine personality characteristics. Chinese and Western Zodiac are ubiquitous in comparison to the Myers-Briggs™ Assessment, yet tend to be dismissed on many relationship sites. However, learning about the best astrological matches is a crucial part of both introspection and interpersonal communication.

Similarly, the Myers-Briggs™ Assessment has proved its validity over the past 40 years through numerous studies. Baker explains that the incorporation of this assessment pinpoints the most distinct personal attributes:

"The MBTI™ assessment explores the deeper aspects of one’s unique differences, strengths, process in viewing the world and the way each individual may approach the same situation differently. With this knowledge and awareness we can appreciate the individual value each person brings when interacting with others."

Aligned Signs is a multifaceted outlet that benefits a diverse demographic. Whether you’re looking to better understand yourself, meet new people nearby, or find love, this site is the only one of its kind that allows all three.

Create a profile on Aligned Signs and browse for free; experience the benefits of getting to know you. Visit to learn more.

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