Bathrooms4all LAUNCH ECO RANGE

Bathrooms4all one of the UK’s largest independent bathroom retailers has launched a brand new range of eco-friendly baths, showers and taps

Online PR News – 30-August-2012 – Leeds – Bathrooms4all one of the UK’s largest independent bathroom retailers has launched a brand new range of eco-friendly baths, showers and taps to help developers achieve the requirements of Building Regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The Code for Sustainable Homes has been developed to create a single national standard that will guide the industry in the design and construction of sustainable homes, a major part of which is the conservation of water. The Code which measures the sustainability of a home against design categories, rates the ‘whole home’ against a number of criteria and ranks a home from one star to six stars. One star is the entry level and six is an exemplary development.

From next year, government legislation dictates that all new housing developments must reach the Code for Sustainable Homes level 3. The bathroom industry will be paying particular heed to the legislation that states that no more than 105 litres of may be used per person, per day. This covers everything from showering to drinking, cleaning clothes to washing dishes.

The minimum standard set for water consumption, measured in litre per person per day (l/p/d) is certainly influencing design. To achieve a Code Level 3 and above it is necessary to fit a shower with a 6-9 litres flow per minute (an average electric shower is 6-7 litres per minute). In addition, baths need to hold a maximum 140 litres to the overflow level. In terms of toilets, the Code also requires a 6/4 dual flush along with flow reduced / aerated taps throughout.

Marketing Manager, Jonathan Argile said: “We are working closely with housebuilders and architects to develop a range of eco-friendly products that meet their needs exactly. We are really excited about our sustainable range of products that will meet modern housing requirements for sustainability.”
As well as introducing new eco-friendly products, bathrooms4all will also modify many of its existing products, which includes altering overflow heights for basins and baths, designing new lower volume valves for taps & creating a whole suite of shallower bathing options.

“The research and design phase of the Eco range has thrown up some interesting challenges, particularly regarding the aesthetics of these new products,” continues Jonathan. “It is imperative for us that the finished article not only meets with the strict environmental guidelines that we have set ourselves, but looks great and delivers that luxury experience that our customers expect.”

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