LGN365 Workout Is Out And The Reviews Are In

JC Deen's workout is out. But is LGN365 as good as the reviews are saying? Check out this review for more details on the program.

Online PR News – 01-September-2012 – Central Point, OR – JC Deen has finally launched LGN365, the complete body re-composition course. Unlike many other fitness and workout courses online, this aims at being the go-to workout. How so? Deen took on the daunting challenge of creating an all-in-one program.

LGN365 goes in depth on how to setup a workout for muscle gain, how to eat to gain muscle without fat and how to maintain those results. On the other end, it also goes into depth on how to setup a workout and a diet for fat loss ... and how to maintain those results.

It is often said that trying to be all things to all people is a bad idea. Usually that's right. But after years of training and research, Deen really went all out in this program. It really is one of the most complete training programs on the market.

What's included?

In order to provide a detailed workout and a detailed diet all in "one" course, Deen put together many different pieces. Instead of providing just one book to cover everything, LGN365 comes with multiple books and videos.

... the look one can expect is that of an athlete or something similar to that of a muscular Hollywood star.

As talked about more in detail on the LGN365.net website, here's a quick look at what is included:

- Getting Started Guide - over 70 pages of content to set the stage and prepare you for success
- Fat Loss Manual - detailed workout and diet information to ensure fat loss
- Hypertrophy Manual - all about gaining muscle (workout and diet)
- Training Guide and Quick-Tips Manual - surprisingly useful and extremely helpful
- 12 Exercise Demo Videos - see Deen perform the exercises
- Recipe Guide - awesome bonus to prevent boredom

In addition to this, the workout program includes five interviews from other fitness professions. These interviewees are:

- John Romaniello
- Leo Babauta
- Alan Aragon
- Roger Lawson
- Derek Doepker

Who should and who shouldn't consider LGN365?

Although the course is aimed at being the go-to-workout for everyone, there are some limitations that come with this. This course was not designed for those who aspire to be professional bodybuilders. Although this course teaches the fundamentals of packing on lean, hard and defined muscle, one shouldn't expect to look like a heavyweight bodybuilder when it's all said and done.

Instead, the look one can expect is that of an athlete or something similar to that of a muscular Hollywood star. Yes, the end goal is to well, look great naked.

Don't have much time to workout? That's ok. The course requires 3-4 hours per week of workout time. More is fine - a little more - but not required. If time is a concern and training is not the number one priority that too is ok. Staying consistent and following this advice will produce sustainable results.

For other questions related to the program, here is an ongoing list of frequently asked questions on LGN365.

Overall view towards the program

Overall, the program has been looked on as a very high caliber and solid system. Despite the fitness industries non-stop barrage of workout after workout and diet after diet, Deen did a nice job of putting together a tested and efficient workout program. No, it is not a magical course that only requires it's user to purchase and set on the counter. Do that and forget about seeing results. Buy it, follow it and stay consistent with it and results will come.

Forget the hype, forget the scams, this is a quality workout that is sure to be around for a very long time. Click to read more about LGN365.

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