Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center in NJ Offers Ultherapy for Non Surgical Face and Neck Lift

Ultherapy is the latest skin tightening device which treats skin sagging in the face and neck. It utilizes focused ultrasound energy to give a lift without the need for surgery. There is no down time and treatment can be performed in as little as 45 minutes.

Online PR News – 03-September-2012 – Summit, NJ – Ulthera, also known as Ultherapy, is the latest procedure in the anti-aging and cosmetic armamentarium. Prior to Ulthera in NJ, skin tightening procedures utilized either light based or radio frequency sources to heat the skin resulting in skin tightening. There are two main differences between Ulthera (Ultherapy) and other devices such as Titan, Refirme, Thermage, and Alma Accent. These devices typically work from top down, meaning they deliver heat to the skin starting from the top layer to the bottom layer of skin. However the energy often times does not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, such as the fascia which covers the muscles. Often times, results are disappointing although some people do experience visible tightening. Second, multiple treatments are often necessary to obtain those results. Ulthera works on the deeper layers by utilizing ultrasound energy which is able to penetrate the deeper layers to effect skin tightening. Also, most clients will see a visible difference after 1 treatment.

Ultherapy in NJ can be used on the face and neck to treat sagging skin. It can be utilized to lift the brow, mid face and lower face and the neck region as well. Further research is currently underway and will likely demonstrate ultherapy to be effective on other parts of the body as well such s the arms, knees, and abdomen. In addition, it may also be effective in reducing excessive sweating in the underarm region.

Ulthera works on the deeper layers by utilizing ultrasound energy which is able to penetrate the deeper layers to effect skin tightening.

Ultherapy in NJ can be performed in as little as 45 minutes although a full face and neck treatment takes one and a half hours. Everyone is a candidate including those with ethnic skin as Ulthera utilizes sound energy as opposed to light energy. Medications for light sedation and pain control, such as Valium and/or Percocet, may be given. In addition topical numbing as well as injection blocks with anesthetic may be employed to make the procedure comfortable. Most people will experience tolerable discomfort although some people have found the treatment to be painful. Pain tolerance is individual and varies from person to person.

Cost of Ultherapy in NJ varies but costs $1000 for a brow lift, $2500 for lower face, and $3500 for a full face and upper neck treatment. Depending on the location, it may cost a little more or less. Considering that is is a non-invasive difference which can produce impressive results, the price is justified. Ultherapy cost in NJ is fairly constant but can vary depending on the location and provider.

Following the treatment, some clients notice immediate tightening. There is little to no downtime associated with the procedure of Ultherapy in NJ. Some clients may experience mild redness and swelling following the procedure as well as a soreness which an last for several weeks. Non steroidals such as ibuprofen are all that is required following the treatment. Optimal results can take 3 to 6 months following the procedure and improvement can continue for up to one year. The effect of the treatment is contraction of the skin as well as production of collagen. A second treatment may be performed in 3 to 6 months if additional tightening is desired. Ultherapy has a satisfaction rating of about 80% which is significant for a non-invasive device for skin tightening. It is one of the highest according to the website It is important to realize that not everyone will see a significant results. It is important to have pictures taken as clients may not realize the gradual improvement in skin tightening.

Ultherapy in NJ is a safe and effective procedure, however the procedure does have some risks associated with it. While most people experience temporary redness and swelling, adverse outcomes such as pigment changes, burns and even rarely scarring have been reported. This is most likely secondary to poor technique as proper application and delivery of the energy to the deeper structure is important for a safe and effective outcome. Temporary numbness, tingling and rarely temporary paralysis of certain muscles of the face if a nerve is damaged are potential complications. That's why it is important to go to a provider who is experienced and understands facial anatomy to avoid certain parts which can lead to these unwanted outcomes.

Ulthera in NJ is the latest anti-aging device to produce skin tightening and a non surgical face and neck lift. It is important to realize that Ulthera is not meant to replace surgery. The ideal client is someone who has mild to moderate sagging. Those with significant skin laxity will require surgery and therefore it is important to discuss expectations with treating Ultherapy doctor. As technology for cosmetic procedures get better and more advanced, people have options other than surgery to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center, is proud to offer the latest anti-aging and cosmetic procedure such as Ultherapy. With the addition of Ulthera, Ethos Spa has an effective armamentarium against signs of aging.

Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center is a medical spa staffed by highly qualified physicians, physician assistants, and medical aestheticians dedicated to the latest anti-aging and cosmetic procedures. Services offered include laser hair removal, Botos, Juvederm, skin resurfacing and skin tightening. We also offer medical grade facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Ultherapy is the latest cosmetic procedure to be offered at Ethos Spa. Our first and foremost goal is client education to help you decide the right procedure for you.

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