Hip-Hop Artist Todd Anthony Announces 'Journey to Success' Documentary

Todd Anthony’s career continues to evolve as he takes viewers on a serious but fun ride through his "Journey to Success"

Online PR News – 12-September-2012 – Atlanta, GA – The Premier of Todd Anthony’s “Journey to Success” takes place in Atlanta, GA; but he takes viewers back to his roots of Pittsburgh, PA. Todd magnificently captures many key components of his life as he climbs the ladder to fame and fortune. This incredible documentary is sure to engage, captivate, and inspire viewers.

“Journey to Success” is a universal subject matter, in most people’s lives there comes a time that human nature seeks to achieve more; this process can be referred to as a journey. Todd Anthony knows that his goals must be accompanied by determination, sacrifice, and mental stability to keep him on the right path. While some talk a good game of making it in entertainment, Todd Anthony’s only game in this business is results.

This documentary will give viewers a behind the scenes look at Todd Anthony the person as well as the artist. Viewers will see how Todd began his music career and what life has been like since his start. They will also see the trials and tribulations he went through personally. One of his biggest obstacles was when his house burned down and forced him to skip college, stay with his family, and pursue his music full time. Todd Anthony will travel through difficult and uncertain roads to meet his mountaintop. Despite his hard times he knows that he will soon become the number one entertainer in the world.

Todd will display his talents, strengths, fearless drive, business acumen, vulnerabilities, and tremendous work ethic in the midst of overcoming serious obstacles. He understands that he may have to go through hell to get to heaven and establish himself as a household name.

Current fans and new viewers will be captivated with the love he gives off when creating music, performing live, and interacting with his fans. He also shows viewers his goofy/fun side as he jokes around with his sister London Laray. “Journey to Success” is no publicity stunt to drawl viewers; it’s a journey of a young man that will Never Give Up and pursue his dreams.

"Journey to Success" Part 1: http://youtu.be/ipyZd_t54z4

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