Center for Scholastic Inquiry Announces Free Research Publication Opportunity

Center for Scholastic Inquiry packages academic research conference presentation and fee-free journal publication for business, education and behavioral sciences practitioners and professionals.

Online PR News – 06-September-2012 – Granite Falls, MN – The Center for Scholastic Inquiry announced promotional pricing for its upcoming international academic research conference and peer-reviewed academic journals. Professionals and practitioners in the fields of education, business and behavioral sciences who present their academic or action research at CSI’s Scottsdale conference are able to publish the research in one of the company’s refereed journals at no cost.
When behavioral science, education and business practitioners and professionals register to attend and present their research at the Center for Scholastic Inquiry’s International academic research Conference, CSI will waive all submission review and preprocess fees for their corresponding paper to be published. This is a $475.00 savings for those who take advantage of the offer.

The academic research conference will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, on April 17, 18 and 19. Attendees can join the conference eve reception, attend the two-day keynote address, and present and hear contemporary research of interest to them during multi-format breakout sessions in four tracks: multidisciplinary, education, behavioral sciences and business. The keynote topic is leadership and will provide action principles and strategies applicable in any education, business or behavioral science field.

The Center for Scholastic Inquiry provides education, business and behavioral science professionals with a scholarly forum for exploring and sharing the latest academic research in their respective fields. Conference attendance creates communities of practice that advance the professions of education, business and behavioral sciences, develop thought leadership and increase the body of validated knowledge about evidence-based practice, best practice and landmark practice.

“By packaging our conference and publication offering together, we make meaningful professional development manageable for our attendees,” said Dr. Tanya Yerigan, CEO of the Center for Scholastic Inquiry. “This offer makes presenting and publishing academic and action research achievable and very cost effective.”

Education, behavioral science and business professionals who register for the conference by October 3, 2012, will be eligible for this promotional offer. In addition to cost-free publishing, attendees will promote scholarly research, advance best practice and elevate their professional authority and expertise.

Professionals and practitioners interested in attending or presenting can learn more about the conference by visiting CSI’s website at or contacting the company at

About Center for Scholastic Inquiry: The Center for Scholastic Inquiry ( elevates the professions of education, business and behavioral science by fostering academic research, stimulating scholarship and endorsing thought leadership. CSI is the preeminent source for education, business and behavioral science professionals interested in enhancing their practice by learning about contemporary advancements, revolutionary methods, influential trends, best practice models and leadership techniques.

To that end, The Center for Scholastic Inquiry hosts premier destination academic research conferences and publishes peer-reviewed academic journals. The Center for Scholastic Inquiry seeks out and highlights leading academic and action research in education, business and behavioral sciences to support superior, break through research and establish a platform to recognize and celebrate luminaries, pioneers and practitioners in the professions. Education, business and behavioral science professionals serving at any level, Pre-K through graduate education, and in any capacity will find their pedagogy challenged, their methodology enhanced and their professional practice enriched by participating in CSI’s education, behavioral science and business research conferences and reading CSI’s academic journals.

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