Pro Sports Lives Radio Invites Wealth With No Regrets Creator Barry Spencer Back On The Program

After a successful prior appearance, financial planner Barry Spencer returned to Pro Sports Live Radio to share his expertise on wealth regrets and speak about the new research project that the Professional Sports Wives Association has asked him to conduct.

Online PR News – 10-September-2012 – Alpharetta, GA – After a successful prior appearance, financial planner and creator of Wealth With No Regrets Barry Spencer returned to Pro Sports Live Radio to share his expertise on wealth regrets and speak about the new research project that the Professional Sports Wives Association has asked him to conduct. On Saturday, September 8th at 1pm, Spencer talked about the broken financial and estate planning industry and how it has created the regrets wealth creators experience.

Pro Sports Lives Radio is a program sponsored and created by the Professional Sports Wives Association and attempts to provide Professional Athletes and their families with useful information on everything from lifestyle topics to financial advice. The radio show is hosted by former NFL player Mike Pitts and his wife Gena Pitts. The duo stand as the only pro-sports couple co-hosting a radio show; together, they lead a team of sports reporters and analysts to provide information and resources to listeners.

After years of leadership training, interviewing and mentoring across the country and internationally, Spencer was called into the field of wealth counseling and advising when he discovered there is a better way to handle and manage wealth to avoid the regrets that he experienced and saw wealth creating:

“There are a lot of regrets that come with gaining and managing large amounts of wealth. Especially with pro-athletes you see stories of people who couldn’t find a financial strategy that worked for them and lost a lot as a result. With this research project, I wanted to sit down and talk with members of the pro-sports community about the successes they had, and the financial goals that they wanted. This research project will give the pro-sports community an insight on how to avoid mistakes and achieve financial success with no regrets,” said Spencer.

Currently, Spencer is leading a research project sponsored by the Professional Sports Lives Association, which will reveal the successes, mistakes, tips, and lessons learned by professional athletes regarding coming into and managing their wealth.

In the past, Spencer has interviewed successful entrepreneurs and business owners about similar topics. Through his research project and other ventures in collaboration with the Professional Sports Wives Association, Spencer hopes to provide professional athletes with guidance in the field of wealth management.

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About Boomfish Wealth Group, LLC: Boomfish Wealth Group, LLC, located in Alpharetta, GA was founded by Scott Noble and Barry Spencer. They share the belief that there is a better way for affluent families to achieve their desired impact with their wealth and ensure they won’t have regrets. Through a proprietary process, cooperation is built among clients’ other trusted advisors, resulting in a functional team that helps the clients accomplish their clearly defined goals.

About the Professional Sports Lives Association: The Professional Sports Wives Association (PSWA) is the first national charitable-based organization of wives and families in the pro sports entertainment industry and is the producer of the Pro Sports Lives Radio Show. Through their multi-media, which include their radio show and digital and print magazines, their purpose is to provide resources to our peers and information to their fans. and

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