Launch of Lucid Dreaming Website

Emma Rose launcehd a brand new website, Lucid Dreaming Guide, on the art of lucid dreaming, offering free content to fans of altered states of consciousness.

Online PR News – 10-September-2012 – 10/10/2012 New York – A brand new website has been launched on the art of lucid dreaming, offering free content to fans of altered states of consciousness.

Lucid dreaming is the art of becoming conscious within a dream and is getting very popular around the globe. It enables the dreamer to create their own internal fantasy world and experience it as vividly as real life. While there are a handful of lucid dreaming resources on the net, many of them are in the form of personal blogs or intensive marketing sites.

The new website - at - is run by a seasoned lucid dreamer, with ten years' experience of waking up in dreams. It is designed to educate people on this fascinating phenomenon and help them use lucid dreaming for creativity, problem solving and other forms of personal growth.

Emma Rose, editor of Lucid Dreaming Guide, commented: "Lucid dreaming is an amazing mind phenomenon that everybody should have the opportunity to experience. Without lucid dreams, we are wasting 100 minutes of dream time every night, when we could be doing something much more productive - exploring a virtual reality world in which we can act out our greatest desires.

"While I have practiced lucid dreaming techniques for more than a decade, I believe I can teach others to have vivid lucid dreams in days or weeks. Using easy techniques like reality checks and meditation, you can plant a message in your subconscious - which is why some people have a lucid dream the same day they learn about it! I hope Lucid Dreaming Guide becomes the go-to resource for anyone who wants to expand their awareness and wake up in dreams."

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