INK selects Gutenberg Communications as its Public Relations Partner

Gutenberg will help spread innovative ideas from the world's most influential thinkers and doers brought together by INK

Online PR News – 17-September-2012 – Bangalore/Karnataka – INK, a physical and digital platform for sharing innovative ideas and Gutenberg Communications, a global, strategic communications firm offering public and investor relations services, have come together to accelerate the promotion of unique stories, ideas and perspectives from around the world to expose people to unconventional ways of thinking and doing.

Bringing together an eclectic group of the world's leading thinkers and doers, INK provides avenues for unusual connections – a scientist with an artist, an archeologist with a space explorer, a gene therapist with an activist and so on. Further, INK works towards converting these ideas into action by providing a platform in the form of its annual event 'INK Conference in association with TED'

"We are excited to partner with Gutenberg Communications to drive forward and propagate our mission of providing a platform for exchange of diverse, fresh and powerful ideas. In this regard, Gutenberg's expertise in communicating our vision, various avenues that INK offers and work of our present and future thinkers will be immensely valuable," said Lakshmi Pratury, Host and Curator, INK.

"What INK has set out to do is to bring transformative change by fostering the power of innovative ideas. In such a mission, communication plays an important role to ensure that people are aware of such a platform, feel encouraged to pursue their ideas and are able to garner support to put them into action. We are delighted to work with INK to tell their story to their targeted audiences," said Harjiv Singh, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Gutenberg Communications.

About Gutenberg Communications
Gutenberg Communications is a global full-service, strategic communications firm offering public and investor relations services. The firm leverages communications to key audiences across a global landscape for clients in numerous industries including technology, real estate, financial services, healthcare, academia and conference marketing. For more information about Gutenberg Communications, please visit:, follow us on Twitter @thegutes or visit our blog TheGutes.

About INK
In 2009, Lakshmi Pratury and Chris Anderson – Curator of TED Conference – hosted TEDIndia, a one-time conference that brought TED to India. In response to the excitement and demand generated by TEDIndia, the inaugural INK conference in association with TED was conceived and held in December 2010 in Lavasa Hill City, India with the theme of 'Untold Stories'. The subsequent conference was held in Jaipur with the theme of ‘Power of the Journey.' Some of the past speakers present at these conferences include well known people such as Hollywood director James Cameron, creator of ‘The Simpsons' Matt Groening, author Nancy Duarte, toy maker Arvind Gupta, spiritualist Deepak Chopra, designer Philippe Starck, science writer Anil Ananthaswamy, Facebook's first female engineer Ruchi Sanghvi, perfumer Yann Vasneir, corporate honcho Anu Aga, among others and some not-so-known but equally accomplished people as well. This year, a parallel event called, 'INKlive' will give young people a unique opportunity to experience the live webcast of the INK Conference being held in Pune from October 11-14, participate in exciting workshops and interact with some of the speakers face to face.

Other INK events such as INKSalons give employees and clients of partnering corporates an opportunity to experience a 90 minute microcosm of the INK Conference within their campus. INK is also setting up InkLabs at various college campuses to involve them in unique projects that are born out of collaborations worldwide. The INK Fellows program provides young change makers a bigger platform to reach the relevant people who can help them in bringing their ideas into reality by offering guidance, resources and opportunities. Please visit:

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