Zabellos Online Shoe Restoration Launches Nationwide

Combines old world master craftsmanship and care with modern convenience. The premier online shoe repair store that brings the love, soul and style of your shoes back to life.

Online PR News – 18-September-2012 – Los Angeles, California – Transforming a traditional neighborhood service, Zabellos has launched a national online shoe restoration store to combine Old World master craftsmanship with modern convenience. Zabellos applies contemporary concepts to a time-honored artistic enterprise: the meticulous preservation of fine shoes. Taking a page from the online ordering, passionate customer service, and national reach of companies like Zappos and Amazon, Zabellos removes the task of finding a shoe shop and brings shoe repair directly to your mailbox.

Zabellos re-invents the traditional shoe repair process by turning a once-tedious errand into a simple visit to your computer. Here’s how Zabellos works: You place an order online at In a few days, a custom shoebox arrives at your doorstep — along with some spare boxes for your next order. You put the shoes in the labeled, postage-paid box and drop them in the mail. Within 8-10 days, your favorite shoes come back exquisitely renewed. Zabellos offers an 800 number for customers to interact with their shoe consultants should they require it. Rush service is also available.

Unique benefits include:
• Zabellos has created custom solution packages for baseball gloves, belts, and other leather goods
• Zabellos uses an easy to navigate online ordering process
• Zabellos offers free advice from their shoe consultants
• Zabellos regularly posts shoe trends and easy restoration tips on its blog at
• Zabellos offers a complete premium line of shoe care accessories

Zabellos brings master craftsmanship and trustworthy, consistent service to your front door, making it easy to renew the shoes you love and enjoy them for a lifetime.

Zabellos founder Andrew Torosyan recalls, “I remember seeing my father in his shop as a child; I saw the care and craftsmanship he paid each of his customer’s shoes. He put his soul into his work, and inspired us to ensure that Zabellos treats every shoe like that — like a work of art. We’re committed to meticulously working to preserve, enhance, and restore the beauty of shoes across the country.”

COO Carl Nazarian adds, “In today’s economy, there are several great reasons to restore shoes: customers can enjoy their favorite pair of shoes longer, it’s better for the environment, and it’s financially savvy.”

The Torosyan and Nazarian families have more than a hundred years of old-world master cobbler experience between them. Torosyan and Nazarian have been exposed to the shoe-repair business since age ten. Nazarian’s father, a bespoke shoemaker and cobbler for decades, has made custom shoes for Janet and Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Dolly Parton, Shaquille O’Neal, Paula Abdul, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilyn Manson and Sylvester Stallone, to name more than a few. He serves as a consultant, an eminence grisé to the venture.

“Repairing shoes online will save you time and money and help you keep your fine leather shoes for a lifetime. So, the next time you splurge on a really nice pair of shoes, come visit us and we will help you take care of them,” Torosyan concludes. “We’re striving for both ubiquity and quality, and aiming to make Zabellos a household name in shoe restoration.”

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