Gorilla Military Surplus Canada Announces New Paintball Products

Gorilla Military Surplus Canada is pleased to announce the recent arrival of a wide selection of high quality paintball equipment

Online PR News – 18-September-2012 – VANCOUVER – Gorilla Military Surplus Canada is pleased to announce the recent arrival of a wide selection of high quality paintball equipment, available at http://www.gorillasurplus.com/Paintballgear-s/100.htm or in-store in East Vancouver, BC, Canada. Whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself a paintball pro, you’ll find hundreds of paintball items at the lowest prices.

Gorilla Military Surplus Canada has been a go-to location for cheap paintball gear for a number of years, and continues to add new products each week. The huge inventory of paintball gear at Gorilla Surplus includes paintball guns and markers, ghillie suits, CO2 and air tanks, paintballs, barrels, pods, packs, vests, paintball masks, goggles, loaders, hoppers, upgrades and modifications. Gorilla Surplus carries the top brands of paintball equipment, including Umarex, Desert Eagle, Tippmann, Empire, and Pure Energy.

Some of the most popular guns that have recently been added to Gorilla Military Surplus Canada’s line of paintball equipment include the Desert Eagle .43-caliber marker ($449.99), the Tippmann A5 paintball gun with selector switch e-grip ($299), and the Umarex .43 Cal P99 silver paintball marker ($399.99). Other must-have items are the Complete Ghillie Suit for$113.99 and the Camouflage Lightweight Ghillie Suit for $99.99, which will allow you to hide on the paintball field and destroy the competition.

In addition to offering the latest paintball gear at the best prices, Gorilla Military Surplus Canada offers exceptional customer service, toll free phone order support, and free shipping on orders over $150.

About Gorilla Military Surplus Canada

Gorilla Military Surplus Canada has been a family-owned business for over 50 years, and is located in the heart of Vancouver, on Broadway, in a 3,000-square-foot space. Gorilla Surplus has a great selection of low-priced paintball and airsoft gear, men's, women's, and children's military apparel, shoes, and accessories; knives and multi tools; camping gear; BB guns and pellet guns; work wear; infant's clothing; law enforcement gear; backpacks; patches and insignia; climbing gear; and much more.

For more information, please visit http://www.gorillasurplus.com/.

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