Dr. Philip DeFina interviewed by CBS radio regarding the future of treating brain injuries

On June 6, 2006 Joseph Domalewski had to witness a horrible accident that would change his family forever. His son Steven was pitching in a Little LeagueBaseball game when the unthinkable happened.

Online PR News – 19-September-2012 – 9/15/2012, Flanders, NJ – Flanders, NJ On June 6, 2006 Joseph Domalewski had to witness a horrible accident that would change his family forever. His son Steven was pitching in a Little LeagueBaseball game when the unthinkable happened. Steven threw a pitch and with no time to react a line drive was hit right back at him striking him in the chest. The baseball struck just above his heart causing his heart to stop beating. Emergency response teams were called and responded to the 13 year old boy, unfortunately the damage had been done and Steven suffered damage to his brain from a lack of oxygen due to insufficient blood flow to his brain, stemming from his cardiac arrest. Steven sadly entered into a coma following this unimaginable accident.

There was a story in the newspaper about Steven Domalewski and Alexandra DeFina the daughter of Dr. Philip A. DeFina, founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Scientific Officer of the International Brain Research Foundation (IBRF),read the story and asked her father to help this boy that was close to her own age. Dr. DeFina's groundbreaking research and treatment methods for traumatic and hypoxic brain injury were presented to the Domalewski family and these methods were then implemented with Steven. Through the vision,passion, and refusal to accept the normal treatment strategies Dr. DeFina and the IBRF team were instrumental in awakening Steven from his coma. Dr. Defina has developed a protocol of various pharmaceuticals, nutriceutical, neuromodulation, and nerve stimulation that has produced amazing results for many families that have had to live through similar tragedies as the Domalewski family.

Dr. DeFina and the IBRF team are happy for the Domalewski family and grateful for the news of the settlement award to help with the continued care for Steven and the ever growing costs of medical care. This settlement will ensure that Steven will continue to receive the best possible care and will provide additional peace of mind to Steven's family knowing his future is more secure. Steven still has a long struggle ahead of him, but he is alive and able to continue that struggle in great part due to the efforts of Dr. DeFina and his compassion to help people whom are often forgotten by modern medicine.

The mission of IBRF is to continue with the development of treatment interventions to bring about better outcomes and higher levels of recovery for the victims of brain injuries. IBRF continues the fight today to discover the latest technology and methods to treat these people to return them to their normal lives. This is made possible through the devotion and passion of Dr. Defina and the IBRF team striving to accelerate the scientific community's progress in solving many of the complex brain-related issues that humanity faces today.

Dr. DeFina was interviewed by CBS radio on August 22, 2012 discussing the accomplishments that have been made and the future of the science for treating brain injuries. Dr. DeFina will also be discussing some of the same scientific advances that were used in awakening Steven Domalewski from his coma. Hear him on CBS Radio 880 on Thursday August 23, 2012.

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