JonDoBrowser provides strong privacy for web surfing

Today, JonDos releases the first beta version of "JonDoBrowser", a special, open-source and Firefox-based browser for secure and private web surfing.

Online PR News – 19-September-2012 – 9/15/2012, Regensburg, Bayern – Regensburg, Bayern Today, JonDos releases the first beta version of "JonDoBrowser", a special, open-source and Firefox-based browser for secure and private web surfing.

What is it useful for?

JonDoBrowser is especially suitable for use with strong anonymizer networks like Tor and JonDonym. Anonymizers can hide the IP address of the user, which is not possible by using just the stand-alone browser. On the other hand, protecting the IP address is by far not sufficient for securing the user against all other kinds of tracking technologies. This is what JonDoBrowser does.

What is new?

Unlike to the previous JonDoFox software package, the additional security compared to Firefox is not only achieved by using add-ons: it is rather a custom Firefox distribution with slightly changed browser code, in which features that might be problematic for privacy were disabled. The effects can be seen at

Developing a custom browser has become necessary, as the Firefox code contains more and more privacy-harming functionalities which add-ons can only fix inadequately. Since such a project is very resource consuming, the development is conducted in collaboration with the Tor project. The browser code is published under an open source license.

The beta version of JonDoBrowser is available on all desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and can be downloaded for free and anonymous at the following URL:

JonDos GmbH

JonDos develops and provides free open source software for running and using the JonDonym anonymization service, coopering with researchers from the TU Dresden and the University of Hamburg. The basis of our business model is to act as an intermediary billing instance between the JonDo users and the Mix operators.

What is JonDo?

JonDo is an open source and free-of-charge program for Windows, Linux and MacOS X. It hides the user's IP address behind an anonymous IP address. In contrast to other anonymizers (VPNs, anonymous proxy servers), the user's anonymity stays protected even against the providers (operators) of the anonymous IP address.

It is possible to test the premium service by getting a free JonDonym-Code:

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