Luis Duluc's Tutti Frutti Franchise a Sign of the Dominican Republic's Growth

Luis Duluc is pleased to have helped with the opening of the fourth Tutti Frutti franchise in the Dominican Republic. The franchise is located in Agora Mall, Santo Domingo, and has opened to much success and fanfare.

Online PR News – 19-September-2012 – New York, New York – Luis Duluc is happy to announce that his four Tutti Frutti franchises are still very successful in the Dominican Republic. The latest franchise opened recently in the popular Agora Mall in the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo. The other three franchises are still operating successfully and are continually adding new customers as more and more Dominicans discover Tutti Frutti.

For a long time the Dominican Republic had a relatively stagnant or slow-growing economy. Lately however, the economy has been growing and international investment has been growing as well. Luis Duluc realized there was an opportunity to bring a highly successful franchise to the capital, where most of the people with better incomes live.

Tutti Frutti sells frozen yogurt that is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and protein. Luis Duluc is happy he can provide a healthy product to Dominicans through the Tutti Frutti franchise. As the country develops and citizens get more disposable income, they will want more and more places to spend their money.

Luis Duluc understands this and that is why he is also excited to announce that there he is currently in negotiations for five more Tutti Frutti franchises in Santo Domingo. He hopes that these will be at least as successful as the current four franchises are now. Although, Duluc believes they will likely be even more successful due to their location and the growing popularity of Tutti Frutti's frozen yogurt.

The success of these franchises and the willingness of the Dominican people to embrace new businesses is a sign that the country is ready for further development and investment. Asked about the future of the Dominican Republic, Luis Duluc said, "I think things are looking up for the Dominican Republic. Even in this slower world economy they are doing OK. If this continues I think they will be much better off in the next few years than they ever have been."

Luis Duluc earned an undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida. He continued his business education at the College of William and Mary where he earned his MBA. He is a skilled entrepreneur and has worked in a variety of business fields. For questions or comments concerning this release please contact Luis Duluc, (888) 675-1245, at 10706 Preserve Lake Dr, Tampa, FL 33626

Luis Duluc is a successful business man who specializes in franchise work. Luis just opened his forth frozen yogurt franchise in the Dominican Republic.

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