Sony ASA Skateboard Invitational Features Uncle Skate Charity's Trey Wood

ASA Entertainment announces the Sony Big Air Triples - a collaboration with Sony Electronics to bring their new point-of-view video camera - the Action Cam - along with a brand new skateboarding and BMX experience, to the famed Venice Beach boardwalk on Saturday, Sept. 22.

Online PR News – 19-September-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – One of the youngest skateboard sensations in the world, Trey Wood has officially announced he will be competing at the 2012 ASA Sony Big Air Triples on Saturday, September 22nd in Venice Beach, California. Wood an advocate for helping underprivileged children is on the Board of Directors for Uncle Skate Charity, a non-profit focused on skateboarders and education. At 12 years old Wood supports the charities mission enthusiastically through talks and appearances at different skateboard events. Wood recently competed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to 20,000 fans at the Megaramp Contest, taking home an honorable 8th place.

Sony Big Air Triples will feature 18 of the world’s best BMX and Skateboarding pros in a unique head-to-head bracket-style competition that showcases versatility and innovation on a one-of-a-kind 195-foot-long Big Air Triples course. The Triples format combines the best of dirt, park, vert and box jump skills while challenging the athletes to show off their best three back-to-back tricks on a course that includes a 26’ high roll-in ramp, two 25’ wide jumps and a course-ending 14’ high quarter pipe. The head-to-head format of the competition makes the contest easy to follow, creates fan engagement and increases the level of excitement.

ASA Entertainment will produce a one-hour television show about the Sony Big Air Triples that will premiere on Fox Sports Net on Friday, Nov.23 at 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. The participating pros will serve as narrators of the docu-drama style show, telling the behind the scenes stories of the event in their own words, and providing viewers unique insight into their personalities and access to their tricks through the Sony Action Cam.

Assisting and coaching Wood on hand is long time skateboarding veteran Rich Zuccarello, Director of Vertical Training at Kids That Rip Skateboard School in Mesa, Arizona. Kids That Rip is a world class training facility creating some of the best new talents like Wood and brothers Jagger and Jett Eaton. Wood states "KTR (Kids That Rip) has been extremely supportive and is a great place to practice my new tricks"

Trey's natural abilities on a skateboard along with his community involvement have been very inspirational to all

Zuccarello adds "Trey's natural abilities on a skateboard along with his community involvement have been very inspirational to all." Wood who first jumped on a skateboard at the age of 3 and ironically in Venice Beach, California. Who would have guessed just 9 years later he would be competing with the best on the worlds stage.

Uncle Skate is a non-profit charity for skateboarders. Their mission is to donate free skateboards to children all over the world. Uncle Skate is not your typical skateboard charity organization. They connect the world through global contributions of skateboards and equipment. They help children and young adults realize their potential and build their futures. Changing perspectives and lives is what Uncle Skate prides itself on.

Uncle Skate creates a sense of awareness to those less fortunate around the world. They have developed crucial components that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young people who receive these skateboards. By collecting and donating skateboards away, Uncle Skate has created pillars that this non-profit follows:

• Allow children in poverished countries to enjoy the creative sport of skateboarding.
• Build self esteem and character through self confidence.
• Create leaders for tomorrow and help kids stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Uncle Skate has created its own philosophy and vision of what it would like to see in the future. A study shows that kids who participate in any type of sport are less likely to consume alcohol, get addicted to drugs, and even less likely to commit a criminal act. That being said, the more skateboards given out the better chance everyone has with the future of our global society.

What Have They Done So Far?

Uncle Skate is fortunate to have donated free skateboards to the following Nations:

Cuba, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, United States and Jordan

Uncle Skate is currently working on a 9,000 sq foot skatepark project in Puerto Penasco, Mexico in the northern state of Sonora.

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