Bonne Terre Mine Featured In MO Tourisms TV Advertising Campaign

West End Diving’s “Bonne Terre Mine” hosts the Missouri Division of Tourism’s production of their new TV commercial. Filming will be conducted both underwater and above ground at the world’s largest freshwater dive resort on September 22, 2012

Online PR News – 21-September-2012 – September 21, 2012 – Bonne Terre Mine hosts the Missouri Division of Tourism’s production of their new TV commercial. Filming will be conducted both underwater and above ground at the world famous Bonne Terre Mine “Billion Gallon Lake Resort” and the world’s largest freshwater dive resort on September 22, 2012. Bonne Terre Mine is located one hour south of St. Louis and is a mecca for scuba divers and non-divers wishing to go back in time while visiting the largest man made caverns in the world.

The state of Missouri’s new TV commercial designed to promote tourism in Missouri will be filmed in September of 2012 and is scheduled to begin airing in spring 2013 in out state markets. The new commercial is one of many productions produced by Hoffman Lewis a full service advertising agency based out of San Francisco and St. Louis and by Aero Films. Aero Films and Director Klaus Obermeyer produce high quality commercials and TV productions for worldwide major advertisers. Klaus Obermeyer with his intense love of sports and aviation motivated innovations in cinema and as an avid scuba diver spends a lot of time in the ocean and witnesses firsthand how fragile the eco-system is. Through his work with Oceana, Obermeyer strives to shine a light on these environmental issues. Aero is based in Los Angeles with locations also New York and Munich.

West End Diving’s Bonne Terre Mine is a mecca for scuba divers. The premier dive site located right smack in the middle of the USA has 26 six miles of navigable shore line 150 feet beneath the surface of the earth making it the largest subterranean lake known to the SCUBA diver. Bonne Terre Mine encompasses over 80 square miles. Divers find the mines over 50 guided dives which cover over 5 square miles, lit up with over a half million watts of stadium lighting. Thousands of divers and non-divers alike have journeyed through its history both above and underwater.

Once the world’s largest lead mine, and now the world’s largest man made caverns, it is a time capsule into mining history. Visitors for walking tours, boat tours and SCUBA diving see what the miners saw before the pumps which kept the mine dry were shut off. The 500 plus foot deep mine filled with natural pure spring water creating the world’s largest subterranean lake 150 feet below the surface of the earth. Now when you enter the mine you feel as if you have begun your journey to the center of the earth. All you hear are the occasional tour guides relating the history of the mine and the sound of the air bubbles from the scuba divers exploring the underwater time capsule.

Doug and Catherine Goergens owners of West End Diving located in St. Louis, Missouri have been serving diving community since 1960 and developed and operate the Bonne Terre Mine – “Billion Gallon Lake Resort” (the largest freshwater dive resort in the world), the Maya Palms Resort located in Mahahual/Costa Maya Mexico and the 1909 Depot. The Maya Palms Resort is the only American owned and operated Dive Resort in Mahahual (Costa Maya). The Goergens’ companies have been visited and featured through the years by the likes of Jacques Cousteau, National Geographic Magazine, People Magazine, Good Morning America, Discover Channel, History Channel and many more. Additionally, both Bonne Terre Mine and the Maya Palms Resort have been featured in Sport Diver Magazines World’s Best Diving and Resorts in both 2009 through 2012.

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