Twelve Members of the Alternative Small Business Lending Community Join Forces for Charity

Twelve prominent merchant cash advance related companies compete for charity

Online PR News – 26-September-2012 – New York, NY – Twelve major players that operate within the merchant cash advance and microloan space are giving back while having fun. The merchant cash advance industry fantasy football league made its first debut this year and the prize is a charitable donation. Though many of the participants are competitors, they reached a quick consensus to do together what each company does best individually and that’s to help strengthen communities.

Sean Murray, CEO of Raharney Capital, LLC and operator of Merchant Processing Resource is a league co-founder. According to Murray, “Each participant has chosen a registered 501(c) charity to represent. At the end of the season, the league will make a large cash donation to the winning team’s selected charity. The initial prize was $500 courtesy of Raharney Capital but the league participants were quick to offer a massive amount of additional support. At last count, $5,850 had been pledged to the prize altogether.” Murray continued, “The participants in this league already help provide much needed capital to small businesses in a time when bank lending is scarce. We all want to continue reaching out to communities in as many ways as we can. This charitable fantasy football competition is just the beginning of a much more comprehensive cooperative movement down the road.”

We all want to continue reaching out to communities in as many ways as we can.

Below is a list of the participants, the charity they are competing for, and their pledge to the prize donation:

Raharney Capital, LLC – Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship - $500 initial pledge
Merchant Cash Group (league co-founder) – Kiva - $500 pledge
Rapid Capital Funding – Epilepsy Foundation - $1,000 pledge
Financial Advantage Group – St. Vincent De Paul - $500 pledge
RapidAdvance – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – $500 pledge
Sure Payment Solutions – ALS Association - $500 pledge
Meridian Leads – 100 Urban Entrepreneurs - $500 pledge
Merchant Cash and Capital – Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation on Behalf of the Silver Project Initiative - $500 pledge
NVMS, Inc. – The Missionaries of Our Lady of Mercy – $500 pledge
United Capital Source – Smile Train – $500 pledge
Swift Capital – American Heart Association - $250 pledge
TakeCharge Capital – Distressed Children & Infants International – $100 pledge

The winner will be announced in late December or early January with the donation to immediately follow. For questions about this competition or to make your own pledge to increase the prize, please contact or

$5,850 has been pledged as of the date of this release. The above listed charities have not endorsed this competition and use of their names does not infer acknowledgment or support by them individually or collectively. Any party interested in making a donation should contact the individual organizations directly.

Contact Information
Sean Murray
Raharney Capital, LLC
1375 Broadway, 6th Floor
New York NY, 10018


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