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Canberra City ACT, Australia, 01/10/2012 – During a press conference, which took, place at a respected hotel of the city, the President of the company Blumers, stated that as skilled personal injury lawyers

Online PR News – 02-October-2012 – ca – Canberra City ACT, Australia, 01/10/2012 – During a press conference, which took, place at a respected hotel of the city, the President of the company Blumers, stated that as skilled personal injury lawyers, they would always make endeavor to enable people get the best compensation. “People do experience personal injuries at workplace, highways, home, as well as shopping centers. Such injuries can result in they being bed ridden, which causes not only loss of income but also medical expenses. In such situations, it is important people consult a reliable personal injury law firm in order to discuss their claim to find out, if they have a potential case to claim compensation. We at Blumers have the best Canberra compensation lawyer and this is the reason, people turn to us whenever they need to claim compensation from others who have caused them personal injury,” commented the company President.

The company offers a wide range of services, as it helps people obtain various types of claims including workers compensation, medical negligence, public liability, and motor vehicle accidents. Moreover, the Canberra compensation lawyer at Blumers also helps people obtain overseas and interstate claims. The company helps people get workers compensation claims if injury has taken place at work or if they have suffered from a medical problem due to their work. There are two types of workers compensation claims in the ACT besides Comcare claims, which are statutory workers compensation claim and common law workers compensation claim. Whatever may be the type of workers compensation claim, the company ensures people get the best compensation. Furthermore, compensation lawyers at Blumers ensure people get medical negligence claims, if they have suffered due to the inactions or actions of a medical treatment provider.

In case, people suffer injury at someone’s home or a public place, they may be eligible to ask for a claim for public liability damages. In such cases, the company Blumers helps people get public liability claim by proving that the cause of the accident was negligence on the part of a company or person. In order to make motor vehicle claim, the company states that there are certain important things, which people should attend including making a report to the police and visiting a doctor in case of injury and obtaining a medical certificate, which states the cause as motor accident. Moreover, Blumers also advises people to obtain the registration and additional details of vehicles involved in the accident and getting particulars of any witnesses. The company President said, “We are expert personal injury lawyers who help people involved in motor vehicle accident, workplace injury, or suffering through medical negligence obtain optimal compensation. We offer our services for which, people have to pay only if we are able to get them financial compensation. However, our specialist lawyers have always ensured that our customers get the best compensation. This ensures our customers are always happy with our services.”

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Blumers is a leading law firm in Canberra City ACT, Australia having specialist personal injury lawyers who assist people to contest for a wide range of claims. Some of the claims for which the Canberra compensation lawyer contests for include motor vehicle accidents, public liability, medical negligence, as well as workers compensation. We as a company have always provided our customers with the best services, which have, ensure they get the best compensation.

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