B Virtual COO Tim Dewey to Speak at Contact Center Conference in Miami

Tim Dewey, COO of B Virtual Inc., a global leader in remote workforce innovation, will present at the Contact Center Conference in Miami on Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

Online PR News – 03-October-2012 – Atlanta, GA – Tim Dewey, COO of B Virtual Inc., a global leader in remote workforce innovation, will present at the Contact Center Annual Conference in Miami on Wednesday, October 10, 2012. His presentation, The Six Key Elements of a Successful At-Home Agent Program, is considered a hot topic in today’s contact center industry.

Aligned with the Work At Home Program Management tract, this session delivers on the six key elements in deploying and managing an At-Home Agent workforce. Dewey will dive into each of these elements to explain how they combine into a consistently high performing customer support center. In Part 1, the session focus is on the core elements of success in the At-Home Agent Program. Session Part 2 reveals the elements necessary to provide a continuously high level of customer service and return on investment for the support organization deploying an At-Home Agent program.

Session Takeaways:

• Tools & Technology - Are your At-Home Agents more effective with your chosen technology? What technologies are considered critical for success of the At-Home Agent model?
• Performance Management - At the end of the day, it is about performance. Are your At-Home Agents performing at a higher level, and more consistently than your brick-and-mortar team?
• Quality - What is your mission statement on quality for your At-Home Agents? Are you comparing quality across your At-Home Agents, or across your entire support team?

Attendees will also be:

• Provided specific knowledge and best practice recommendations on At-Home Agent models.
• Able to build a business case, construct job descriptions and skills, develop performance management plans, make recommendations on quality initiatives, and determine how to select the right At-Home Agent, as well as recognize that technology defines the vehicle for success with At-Home Agents.
• Shown live demonstrations of At-Home Agents at work.

The Contact Center Conference in Miami will be held October 9-12, 2012 at the Hilton Downtown Miami hotel. Visit http://www.contactcenter2012.com/Schedule.aspx for a full conference schedule.

About Tim Dewey
Tim Dewey has been an active member of the service and support industry for over 15 years. More than nine of those years, Tim was responsible for Education and Certification as the sourcing solutions business unit head for the former STI Knowledge. Now Tim is the COO of B Virtual Inc., the global leader in virtual workforce solutions for the service and support industry. B Virtual delivers solutions for a continuously high level of service and support, remotely. Dewey leads B Virtual's At-Home Agents in serving a variety of customer service needs worldwide throughout the Higher Education and Technology sectors. http://www.bvirtualinc.com/timdewey.php

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