Local Corporate Video Company Using QR Codes to Put Their Clients on the Cutting Edge

With the rise of smartphones, QR codes are quickly emerging as a highly effective marketing tool. Local corporate video company Avanti Vision is on the cutting edge of helping local businesses take advantage of this technology.

Online PR News – 04-October-2012 – Collegeville, PA – Quick Response (QR) codes have been around for close to two decades. First pioneered by Toyota, they started out as a 2 dimensional version of a bar code used to track the information of vehicles being manufactured. The rise of the internet and the growing popularity of smart phones have opened up new avenues for QR codes to be used as a marketing tool. Local Philadelphia video production company Avanti Vision is leveraging these technological breakthroughs to give their clients a leg up on the competition.

"We believe QR codes linking to video is where the future is taking us, and we are positioning ourselves as among the first in the industry to perfect this service for our clients," Avanti Vision cofounder Antonio Basile says. "Just as video has become the preferred medium on the internet, it is quickly becoming the preferred medium for smartphones. We believe QR codes with video will eventually be the way a majority of businesses market themselves to prospective customers."

How QR Codes Work

Because the widespread use of this technology is a relatively new phenomenon, many people do not yet know what a QR code is and how it works. A QR code is essentially a more complex version of a bar code. However, the main difference is that a QR code has the ability to store far more data, allowing it to be used to link the offline world to a url on the internet through the use of a smart phone.
Some practical uses for QR codes include:

• The front or back of business cards
• Inside brochures or on direct mailings
• On product tags and/or product packages
• Nametags
• Menus at restaurants
• Ticket stubs for various events
• Receipts for purchase of merchandize
• Signs and billboards
• The sides of vehicles and trailers

"Imagine being able to hand a potential client your business card, and on the front or back is a QR code linking to a video introduction about your product or service, or how about a real estate agent with a QR code on the ‘for sale’ sign linking to a video tour of the home?" Basile continues. "The possibilities are endless, and the technology is available for businesses right now."

Another highly effective way Avanti Vision is using QR codes is for video testimonials. One example is a senior care company that hands out brochures with a QR code on the back. The code then links to video testimonials from previous satisfied clients. Basile believes these testimonials give any product or service the kind of personal touch that cannot be gained with any other marketing method.

Avanti Vision is betting that the nearly unlimited possible uses for QR codes combined with the proven superior power of video marketing will be a sure winner for his corporate video company. So far, several of his clients have begun using this amazing new marketing tool, and with smart phones and QR codes becoming more and more mainstream every day, the company expects their clientele for this service to grow exponentially well into the foreseeable future.

About Avanti Vision:

Avanti Vision is a corporate video production company in Philadelphia with a vision to help businesses succeed in the new economy. Avanti’s founders are experienced professionals specializing in video production, web development, multimedia, project management, and internet marketing. They leverage their combined expertise to bring businesses compelling communication, innovative marketing, and the latest technological solutions in a way that is designed to increase their sales in the most cost-effective way possible.

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