Third Launch For UK's First Crowd Funded Property Investment Company

Britain's first crowd funded property investment company is celebrating the launch of its third property funded by investors.

Online PR News – 05-October-2012 – Manchester, Greater Manchester – The first crowd funded property investment company founded in the UK is celebrating the completion of its third house financed by investors.

The House Crowd unveiled the house in Little Hulton Manchester, which has gone on the market at £75,000, an estimated 25% ROI after costs.

The innovative approach adopted by the House Crowd means people can invest in property for the first time with as little as £1000.

The unique business model negates all finder’s fees usually associated with property investment companies and instead works on a joint venture basis, with the investor receiving a fully secured investment with a fixed net return, and a typical total return on investment, over a three year period, of between 15 – 19% per year.

The idea was borne from the Crowdfunding phenomena sweeping the globe. This model finds a “crowd” of like minded investors who wish to invest in a property. Each investor becomes a shareholder in the company that purchases a property The House Crowd has sourced and will then refurbish. The beauty of such an investment is that it is a saleable liquid asset. The House Crowd offers a pro rata share of 50% of the net profit when the property is sold, in addition to a fixed net return of 6% per annum.

This revolutionary idea to property investment is the brainchild of Frazer Fearnhead, who has had many years of experience in this field.

Frazer’s experience has enabled The House Crowd to gain access to properties (usually repossessions or distressed properties) that are for sale, at well below market valuation, in need of modernisation, as well as having access to teams who can refurbish the houses achieving an immediate uplift in value. This in turn leads to all investors on board having this exposure to BMV properties and the immediate growth of The House Crowd involvement, with a positive social impact on housing in all purchases of distressed properties.

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