#grandadstyle MemeJacking - A Marketing Case Study from the Stairlifts Industry

Viral videos and memes of pictures and videos are spread around the internet by thousands of people on a daily basis. Read this case study of stairlifts firm Castle Comfort Stairlifts who memejacked their way onto the radar of many new customers with a viral video parody.

Online PR News – 07-October-2012 – Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire – Most people will have become aware of the Korean music star Psy who now has the officially most liked youtube video ever in history. The novelty record has proved a hit with its relentlessly catchy beat mixed with an unusual music video and its easy to learn dance moves.

The song has produced many parodies on Youtube and then throughout the social networks. Castle Comfort Stairlifts decided that as they were due to unveil their new sponsorship of a football team, what better way to do it than to memejack their way onto the social networks.

The company chose the team because of its record of having the oldest playing members in the league, four players in their sixties and one in his seventies. It was thought that the sponsorship of a stairlift supplier might help lift them from their lowly position in the league to a higher position, bringing as it does new funds into the club and new supporters to watch their games.

A twitter hashtag was chosen #grandadstyle which was then seeded onto the companies Twitter page. The hashtag was already in use by individuals randomly but with a play on words it was felt that it could echo the gangnam style meme video which had recently reached number 1 in the music charts in the UK.

Video footage of the football team doing the "riding on a horse" dance move was spliced with an instrumental clip of the song and because it was openly listed as a parody and no copyright infringement was intended it was deemed fair use for comedy purposes. The oldest player was on the benches due to injury, but his "grandadstyle" lyric and trademark gesture was mixed into the final edit before it was released on youtube. Subsequently multiple notifications went out on several social networks that it was live and comments/shares and retweets were encouraged.

Memejacking as a term was used as early as 2002 and is the practice of piggybacking a wave of cultural interest with a comedy take-off or parody. The company have a successful history of using brave marketing approaches, which has included BBC footage, Regional newspaper coverage and their own internet computer game - Stairlifts Quest, in order to spike internet traffic on their stairlifts website.

About Castle Comfort Stairlifts Ltd.
The company was started some 15 years ago when the founder needed mobility products for his own mother. Castle Comfort Centre is now probably the regions favourite mobility centre and also is a well respected national stairlifts supplier.

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