Sportalists Says Mitt Romney The Best Bet Of The Year To Win US Election

Sportalists Club believed to be behind multi-million dollar bets world-wide on Republican nominee

Online PR News – 10-October-2012 – London, England: – Sports and prediction market experts, sportalists, have privately told members that US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is “the best value bet of the year” to win the US election and have invested several millions dollars on the outcome.

It is believed that the Sportalists Club’s prediction has driven William Hill, a British bookmaker with about 2,350 shops, to update its odds on the U.S. presidential election yesterday.

William Hill dropped the odds on Romney to win the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 6 from 4-1 ($5) to 11-4 ($3.75).

President Obama re-election went from 1-7 ($1.15) to 1-4 ($1.25).

“This isn't quite the one-horse race it has been perceived as for some while," said William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe, in a statement.

The Sportalists Club has long been talked about as a group of the most astute sports traders in the world, who zealously protected their privacy.

“Little is known about the group except that they are mathematical geniuses who have beaten the odds at the world's racetracks and sporting events, and never had a losing year,” said Julian Carr, a city stock broker.

“They are regarded as sports specialists whose investment universe centers on sports and prediction markets,” he said.

“If they have backed Romney at $5 it is because they either believes he will win, or they believe he is over-priced and as November 6 draws closer they expect his price to fall and they will sell their trade, make a profit and not care who wins,” Mr Carr said.

Sportalists Limited are regarded as sports specialists whose investment universe centers on sports and prediction markets

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