Extreme Integrated LED Grow Lights Are Here

Integrated led is finally here and as with all the latest innovations in the electronics industry these lights are smaller and more powerful than any grow light that has gone before.

Online PR News – 12-October-2012 – Conwy/Gwynedd – The new integrated led technology is the next evolution for led grow lights, bringing many advantages to the consumer including a dramatic increase in reliability and stability and now thanks to Greenlights LED it is available to the masses.

Integrated ledís are basically a bunch of smaller ledís all placed together in a grid with each square having its own colour. This of course creates on large super powered led that kicks out a lot of light.

Read on to learn more of the many benefits that integrated led grow lights have to offer.

Unique Blending of Light

Integrated ledís give an unique blending of light that has never seen before in any led grow light, this unique blending of the colours helps to ensure maximum distribution of all the required colours in the grow area.

This unique blending of course helps to imitate nature more effectively.

Manageable Size and Weight

Budzilla is small and compact measuring 28.3cm x 28.3cm x 8.5cm and weighing only 4.6kg. Weight for weight these lights are 300% lighter than other lights of the same power and footprint.

Unlike all other led grow lights Budzilla do not grow in size to become more powerful, rather the ledís are just larger and higher powered while the unit size remains the same.

This is great news for the grower who would previously be struggling to hang a light that weighs 15 Ė 20kg, no more bent tent bars and no more need to for additional support for tent bars.

90 Degree XL Lens

The Budzilla double lens is the most efficient and effective double lens on the market today giving an unsurpassed footprint while penetrating deeper than any lens has ever gone before.

Elegant Simple Construction

Unlike traditional led grow lights Budzilla has no PCB (printed circuit boards) instead the diodes are fixed directly to the massive heat-sinks with the positive and negative wires going directly to the diode.

So this breaks down to a very simple and elegant construction that provides greater durability and reliability of the overall product.

Budzilla breaks down like this:

4 fans
4 power packs
4 heat sinks
4 diodes

This of course means less wiring in the unit, which of course increases overall performance and longevity.

Many led grow lights have many cheap and thin wires connecting one cluster to another, these wires get warm and therefore the whole unit under performs.

Massive Heat-sinks

Of course these new high powered integrated ledís kick out a fair bit of heat as you would expect, but not to worry Budzilla has massive finned aluminium heat sinks that keep the units running at an average 20- 22 degrees.

As you can see these heat-sinks are probably the largest on the market at the moment and make other heat-sinks look puny in comparison

Super Quiet Fans

With such massive and effective heat-sinks it has allowed Budzilla to have smaller fans to help keep the noise levels down.

These fans really are whisper quiet.

Seed to Harvest Full Spectrum Ratio

Budzilla has a very effective full spectrum ratio that will grow your plants from seed to harvest.

Needless to say that integrated led can provide a more effective full spectrum ratio than traditional panel lights or cluster lights by allowing a more specific percentage based ratio of colours.

Greenlights led were established early in 2012 after spending the best part of 2010 and 2011 testing led grow light technology, by 2012 we were ready to start supplying the world with the best led grow lights we could have manufactured.

Greenlights led have always strived to provide the best quality led grow lights for our customers and we are proud to announce that yet again we are elated to bring the latest and the best in led technology to our customers.

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